Aerial A1 Hammock Tent features Slackline Suspension for Solid Night’s Rest

Opeongo in collaboration with Kickstarter is going to launch Aerial A1 hammock tent, a portable outdoor shelter that can be elevated far from the ground through a cleverly designed suspension system.

The suspension of Ariel A 1 is inspired by slacklines which is nicely designed to be tied between two trees. Webbing straps are wrapped around the tree trunk and then pulled back on both sides at same time which creates a four-point connection system.

No matter, if there is only one tree available at site, it may be erected by support of your vehicle. If there is no tree at all, you even assemble it directly on ground surface.

A six minute process creates a sleeping platform measuring 80 inch x 27 inch (203 cm x 69 cm) which can bear 200 kg (440 lb) weight. For great outdoor views there are wide openings each side.   Though the shelter has been designed for one person but it can accommodate to persons easily at same time through its roomy design and extra ordinary weight bearing capacity.

There are two spreader aluminum bars to make a leveled and sturdy sleeping platform. The webbing also adds a flexibility to take live movements inside which enhances level of comfort. The packed dimensions of Arial A 1 is 67 cm x 13 cm (28 x 5 in) and keeps a 2.7 kg (5 lb 15 oz) weight. The product is available in two colors, obsidian grey and blaze orange. Furthermore, it offers small pockets either side and storage space below the hammock.

Opeongo is looking to raise funds for production through Kickstarter platform and the target has almost achieved. Early pledges of CA$419 (US$300) is required for booking in advance and deliveries are planned in September 2020.


For more watch below video.

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