24 Useful Tips to Declutter your Home

Re -purposing or re-utilizing is indeed a good habit but you may found plenty of useless things at home or office. It is difficult to decide, what thing should you keep? What stuff should you get rid of? To help you figure out, I have created a list of things to let go of.

1-Old Receipts

It is important to keep purchase receipts with you for several days because in some cases you have to change or return things. But, after a specific time, it is safe to dispose off receipts.

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2- Expired Coupons

When the offer is over, it is useless to keep expired discount coupons, just get it to trash.

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3- Pizza shop menu

 Almost all food delivery points change their menu time to time which is also available online, so there is no need to save hard copy of menus with you.

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4- Old mobile phones

Mobile phones which are not in use since long time or they are out of order,this is time to say them good bye.

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5- Torn or misfit clothes & Unmatched socks

Donate misfit clothes to someone who need it .Unmatched pairs of socks create trouble sometimes, if you have large number of unmatched socks , it is good to get rid of them.You may keep some of them for DIY projects.

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6- Old newspaper

Newspapers more than couple of  days old should be recycled. Unless there’s a mention of your child or a story you  need, toss any old newspapers. If you do want to save  an article, clip it and file it .

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7- Expired spices

 Spices are useless after their expiry date  because at some time red chilly powder is nothing but  a flavorless dust after its best before date.

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8- Out dated prescribed  eye glasses

It is harmful to use  eye glasses with old dated  prescription  .Donate them to a needy person.

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9- Disposable kitchen Utensils

For the betterment of atmosphere dispose off plastic kitchen utensils which  delivered with foods or left over from a party.Bamboo cutlery is best alternative option.

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10- Baby stuff

 I know your good memories are attached to those things but, if cloths and toys of your child who grew elder are in good condition, they can help a needy family.

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11- VCP & Video cassette

If your video cassette player is not in use since a long time ,it is best time to get rid of  VCP and cassettes .If they are in working condition you may sell them online.

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12- Expired medicine, sun screen and make up

An expired medicine is obviously a poison you should  get rid of it without wasting of time to avoid their miss use.Your last year’s sun screen is also unable to protect you and your make up stuff also keeps a best before date.

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12- Expired batteries

De-clutter A draw full of old  expired batteries because they are useless.

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13- Broken dinning ware

A tiny crack  may not seem like a problem, but  with every wash  water can soak into the plate  which leads to growth of bacteria . And the dampness can create bigger cracks if the plate or bowl is used in micro wave so, get rid of these wares.

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14- Leftover food

 Leftover food stored in fridge is best within five days.After this period it may lead to food poisoning and stomach disorder when you eat that food.Disposing off is best solution for that food.

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15- Old magazine

 Save your favorite copies of old magazine and recycle entire remaining stock .

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16- Leftover paint

Obviously!  remaining  dried paint from your last DIY project is  useless,dispose off that paint.

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17- Tight shoes

They may be good looking but if they are uncomfortable donate that pair of shoes to somebody who deserve it .The shoes you never used since last five years also should be get rid of.

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18- Old mattress

According to experts, sleeping mattress should be changed after every eight years.If you have any useless  mattress with you, donate it to local  dog shelters.

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19- Old books

Old text or reference books which are not is use, this is time to recycle them.

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20- Broken plastic containers & lidless containers

There is no need to store  broken plastic containers and containers without lids at home,  recycle properly that type of stuff.

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21- Old phone chord

Technology is moving very fast, almost every month there is a new mobile phone model in market.Phone chords related to  unused old cell phones  are miss fit with new mobile phones.It is time to say your old cell phone cords good bye.

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22- Old building material

Left over cement and related material  from your last construction project is expired which lose its strength after a specific time , so, there is no need to keep it at home.

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23- Disordered pens and stationary

While sitting at lounge check pens and stationary one by one .Keep that which are in good working condition and say good bye to remaining stuff.

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24- Broken & Irreparable  Furniture

Broken and irreparable furniture which is laying  at store since a long time is useless, it is good to get rid of that stuff which is taking up your valuable storage space.

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