Zaha Hadid designed Vauxhall Cross Island to rise in London

Zaha Hadid architects is an UK based firm which has designed many outstanding projects throughout the world. The firm has won many awards for its prestigious work within its professional journey.

The firm has been hired to design a twin tower called Vauxhall Cross Island, planned to be constructed at London, UK which include office spaces, hotel and residential areas.

The Vauxhall Cross Island tower will reach height of 606 ft (185 m) and another measuring 160 ft (49 m). Pedestrian routes and a new public square are also a part of this project. The design of this project is resembled to studio’s two previous projects, One thousand museum and 582-606 Collins Street.

The project was designed a few years ago and submitted to local  building control authorities but they did not approved the design because  according to local laws the  maximum height of  the tower should not be over  then 492 ft (150 m).

Because of local opposition, a same kind of issue was raised at New York City where the height of a sky scraper reduced. But, in this case local building control authorities given permission of construction after some minor changes latterly, as design of the project is undeniable and sustainable. Furthermore, the project is feasible to develop tourism and commercial activities in the city as according to local campaigners over 70,000 individuals are expected to visit this location daily.

According to short information about the project more than half of floor space will be used for offices, a hotel having 500 rooms and a residential area having 260 units .Furthermore, the ground level comprises shopping and dining areas.

There is no word yet on when the land mark is due to start construction, nor an expected date of completion.


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