3 Reasons You Must Use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)


A lot of websites are hosted on shared hosting servers where a number of customers are using the same server to host their growing website. In this scenario, only one bad customer can take down the whole server which will affect all the other websites hosted on the same server. Hosting companies are reducing their resources every day for a single customer for their shared hosting plans. For example around in 2012-13, I hosted my website on Fatcow shared hosting and I was able to get 1000 plus real-time active users and about 40K to 50K daily pageviews from a shared hosting. But now in 2018, I am able to only get 50 to 100 real-time active users and only 4 to 5 thousands of page views in a day.

This is because there are lot more users who are using the same shared hosting server with me now in 2018 which were very fewer years ago. It is said that shared hosting facility will soon be demolished and Virtual Private Servers will be used instead to able to accommodate a reasonable traffic for growing sites.

This is the high time to move your website to VPS and here I will write down 3 reasons you should use a Virtual Private Server.

Increase Reliability

The UP time and performance of a website is a key to success. Slow loading websites or the websites with the server down errors many times during a week can be harmful to your website as you may lose your customers and their trust as well. If you use a VPS server, your website will not be affected by any other website so you will get maximum uptime and your website will take less time to load. It will increase the reliability of your website and you will get more sales as well.

Gain Total Control Of the Server

On a VPS you have a total control of your server and almost you have access to the superuser as well on the OS from different hosting providers. With this superuser access, you can install almost any software which you want and supported by that operating system. Like if you want to use a Forex software, you can easily find Forex VPS supported software and can install on your server. Same way, if you need anything else, you can easily install the software of your choice.

Upgrade as you Grow

The biggest advantage of a virtual private server is that you can start with the minimum resources required for your site and only pay for those resources. Then as your website grow and it needs more resources you can upgrade your server’s resources as per your requirement. So no need to pay for the excess resources which you are not using. So in a way a VPS is cost effective as well.

These three above-mentioned benefits are good enough to convince any webmaster to use a VPS instead of a shared hosting plan.

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