Kick Scooter vs Bike: Which is Better For You?


Competition in any aspect of our life makes things better as it encourages to manufacturers to provide more facilities to the end user so that they can increase their sales and can beat their competitors in their own field. Same is the case with the kick scooters and the bicycles. Although both have very different in their operation but the basic purpose of a kick scooter and a bicycle is the same, i.e. to speed up the short trips and also burn more calories in your routine which can’t be done if you use a motorcycle for your short trips.

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So, in this article, we will discuss different opinions about the kick scooter which is also called trick scooter or simply scooty and the bike or bicycle to get an answer of the question bike or scooter which is better?

Bike or Scooter? Which is better on long trips?

If you need to cover a distance of about 3 to 5 kilometers or even more than I would suggest you to go on a bike as the bike is your best companion for long trips. In these longs trips you would definitely like to cover the distance as early as possible and obviously, you have to travel on the main road where heavy traffic is on its way with higher speeds. Using a trick scooter on long distance trip can slow down your speed and also there is a danger of accidents when you are traveling using a scooter along with heavy traffic.

Moreover, for long trips bike is better as it has much bigger wheels and you need very less efforts to cover more distance so you won’t fed up. Whereas, if you try to cover long distances on a scooter, you would need to do a lot of work to kick-start the speed of your scooter. And you will feel tired when you reach your target destination and when you return from there, it would be very difficult for you to cover that distance back to your home on a scooter.

Bike or Scooter for Short Trips, Which is better?

If you have to travel a shorter distance that might be from 500 meters to about 2 or 3 kilometers, then scooter can be more useful and a fun ride to travel. For a shorter distance, you can put your efforts and it won’t make much difference in total time to reach your destination whether you ride a scooter or a bicycle. Moreover, for crowded places like your nearest supermarket, it is easy to maneuver your scooter as compared to a bike. If you go to your school, you have to lock your bike on the stand, while you can just fold it can take it with you to the classroom.

From the health point of view, scooters are much better as well to burn more calories and it to burn fats quickly.

If you want to ride a scooter, then you should first select the best scooter for you or for your kid, in case you are buying a trick scooter for your little love. The video below will help you in choosing the best scooter for your requirement. You can see top 15 trick scooters in the video below selected as per our own choice.

For a better buyer’s guide, you can follow ReviewsStore here and pick up the best kick scooter for you or for your kids. Well, the opinion is mine that bike is better for long trips whereas scooter is better for the shorter trips. But I would love to know your thoughts on this as well. So don’t hesitate to give your opinion using the comment section below.

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