34ft Eco-Friendly Tiny House RV is Light-Filled with Generous Glazing

Mint tiny house company is one of the largest tiny house manufacturer in the Northwest. With their dedicated team, the company has built over 100 tiny house since its beginning in 2014. At Mint they create comfort of home while adding the advantages of travel trailer. Every tiny house is equipped with roomy kitchen and best quality home appliances.

The company has recently completed a 10 m (34 ft) long tiny house which is constructed on a triple axel trailer. It comprise, lounge area, two bed rooms a luxurious bath room with shower and bath tub. The home gets enough daylight through wide windows and five skylights.




Entrance has been provided through lounge area that is surrounded by wide glass windows which include a sofa set. Kitchen is located attached to lounge area which offers a fridge, a farmhouse style sink, an oven, a propane-powered stove and enough storage cabinets.




Bathroom is located next to kitchen, a door links the kitchen to the bathroom. A full –size bathtub is plus point of the home, it include a separate shower, sink, and composting toilet. Another door in the bathroom leads to washer/dryer machine.


There are two bedrooms in the 34ft Eco-Friendly Tiny House RV. Both are typical loft –style bedrooms with skylights and low ceiling. The main bedroom is approachable through a storage-integrated staircase, it keeps a double bed and an attractive wooden latticed barrier. The second is similar but reached by ladder and doesn’t have the barrier.



The 34ft Eco-Friendly Tiny House RV comprises wool insulation, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). To control the inner temperature a tiny spilt air-conditioner and a ceiling fan has been installed. It’s also wired up ready to fix solar panels as desired by the owner otherwise, usually,   it’ll get power from a standard RV-style hookup.


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