AOR shrinks its Sierra into DIY Off-Road Micro Camper

Having 20 years of tiny house manufacturing experience, AOR believes in innovation, sustainability and customer’s satisfaction. Australian off Road (AOR) has added a new model to its pull able micro camper dubbed Sierra ZR.

It is a user friendly camper which can be equipped as per requirement of owner.  Sierra ZR has constructed on upper gal high tensile steel / powder coated chassis and body keeps durable RAFTOR coating. It comprises independent trailing arm suspension, 2xoutback Armour off-road shocks per wheel and 12” electric drum brakes. Additionally it include 2500 kg axle and bearings.

It measures 4300 mm x 1950 mm x 1890 mm volume which offers side mounted foldable kitchen, stainless steel counter tops, cooker storage, painted aluminum adjustable shelves and slide out BBQ grill. It include bulk storage spaces, LED lighting, a 150a/h Lithium battery with 240 v inverter and unregulated solar panel input.

It is equipped with a comprehensive FinScan touchscreen BMS. The BMS command center enables campers to check settings and switch hardware on/off from the onboard touchscreen or a smartphone.

“We know that many campers start off small and have their own gear loaded up and ready to go,” explains AOR. “With the ZR, almost everything is optional – you can option up or bring your own roof-top tent, awning, fridge, BBQ and more.”

The small door moves down to create a worktop space which provide access to the dishware/utensil drawer, pantry and long slide-out sink with worktop for a portable camping stove. The door of ZR’s passenger-side storage turns into a large kitchen, ready to cook food for the entire campground. The ZR kitchen is excluding any of the appliances but it provides the foundation of a fully equipped and well managed outdoor kitchen.

For prolonged off roads it offers a gas canister storage up front, a 60 liter water tank which is extendable to  140 Liter.

The designer has provided enough storage spaces which includes a large box at front, three additional storage compartments at driver side and back side shelves for clothing. When camper uses a roof-top tent, the available annex drops down around this rear closet to make a curtain changing room. The backside of the ZR keeps a spare tire compartment, empty cabinet for outdoor chairs and space to store other stuff.

As compared with Sierra, the Sierra ZR is without sleeper cabin. However ZR buyers can choose from soft- and hard-shell Trax roof-top tent (RTT) options or erect their favorite RTT to the built-in roof rack.

The AOR Sierra appeared as a highly impressive off-road square drop trailer when it introduced, boasting a roomy interior with wide window, an available drop-down shower room and a  large side kitchen. The trailer set a new base level and AU$42,500 (approx. US$27,050) is still a reasonable price tag for a two-person trailer.

The basic price of the Sierra ZR starts at AU$29,900 (approx. US$19,050) excluding any options.

For more watch below video.

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