5 Creative Ideas for Do It Yourself (DIY) Jewelry Boxes

DIY Jewelry Box Ideas

A jewelry box is an item which every girl wants to have on her decorating table or dressing table. Without a beautiful and stylish jewelry box, the dressing table accessories are incomplete. Many times, a single jewelry box is not enough for the dressing table of a girl. She wants to have more jewelry boxes to store her earrings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry items.

There are different types of jewelry boxes that can be bought from the market. Some girls love to buy a jewelry box which is made from some metal. The metal jewelry boxes are heavier and are more secure.

Some girls don’t like the metal jewelry boxes instead they want to have a stylish jewelry box which should be made of wood. A wooden jewelry box is also a heavier one but it is more stylish and it can have different colors of paint which you can change after a few weeks as per your requirements.


Turn Any Box Into A Jewelry Box

But the question is why should a girl buy an expensive metal or wooden jewelry box from the market when she can craft her own beautiful and stylish jewelry box?

Yes, it is a fact that girls are more creative and they love DIY projects. Creative girls can understand that they can easily convert any small size empty box into a beautiful jewelry box. Whether it is a metal box, or it is a wooden box, a girl can easily create a DIY jewelry box.

An empty box can be painted with some colors or it can be sprayed if the box is made from metal. Girls can use different combinations of bright colors to make the box stylish.

DIY Metal Jewelry Box

Then it depends what she wanted to put in that box. If she wanted to keep the bracelets, necklaces, and bangles into the box then she can create different partitions using some metal strips or wooden strips. But if she wants to keep the earrings or rings into the jewelry box then she can put some foam or can create roles from the cloths to easily adjust the rings and earring in the box.

It is also possible to keep the space for bracelets, necklaces, bangles and with that girls can adjust their rings and earring in the same box but in a separate place. So, a lot of money can be saved by a creative DIY jewelry box idea.

5 Creative Ideas for DIY Jewelry Boxes

Here are the 5 simple but stylish DIY jewelry boxes ideas:

Wooden Jewelry Box

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful wooden jewelry box that girls can design themselves at home with little effort and guidance. This DIY wooden jewelry box has different portions to keep the jewelry separately so that it can be found easily when required.

We will soon provide complete details about how girls can create this DIY jewelry box.

Creative Jewelry Box With More Space

Creative DIY Wooden Jewelry BoxThis is another stylish but more complicated jewelry box. Complicated in a sense if you want to design it yourself. Girls can also craft this beautiful and stylish jewelry box at home if provided with all the details. Not much equipment is required. Just they need to have some focus on the details.

This amazing and stylish jewelry box has 5 small drawers and two boxes which can be used to hang the necklaces or bracelets.

We will provide complete details of this DIY project very soon so that every girl can design this beautiful and stylish jewelry box at home that provides them more option to store their jewelry items.


Secret Compartment DIY Jewelry Case

secret jewelry box

This is an easy to build jewelry case. A secret compartment jewelry case that you can design yourself and keep your jewelry hidden from everyone. You can get your jewelry anytime when you need from behind your mirror. Not much guide required to design this secret compartment jewelry case.

Easy to Design DIY Jewelry Box

Easy DIY Jewelry Box

Here is another easy to design a DIY jewelry box for girls. Girls can design this jewelry box with their own favorite color. A small jewelry box can be decorated with some gift paper as well. But this jewelry box is only to keep the earring or rings. Keeping necklaces and bracelets in this jewelry box is not recommended.

Stylish Metal Jewelry Box


This is a stylish metal jewelry box which can be created by using an empty metal box. It can be a geometry as well which your kids don’t need now. Or it could be any other empty metal box. Just create some rolls of cloths and keep all the rolls altogether in the box so that you can keep your rings and earring in the box.

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