diy bird nest eggs decor ideas

Decorating with Bird Nests-DIY Ideas

I search online but didn’t find any idea of DIY bird nest home décor . That’s why I’m convinced to write about bird nest décor ideas. Birds are not only cute but they are also genius as well. Probably you are thinking that is there any evidence? Yes I have a solid evidence! Did you ever see the nest built by birds with straws? If yes then I’m sure that you’ve got the answer of your question. If you observed that how skillfully they have built this nest out of straws.

bird nest decor ideas

decorating with bird nests

In our childhood whenever we visited to our farm house we always found vacant nests hanging on trees and other plants. These nests are very cool and cute. While remembering my childhood memories, there came a wonderful home décor DIY idea in my mind. The same I’ll share with you. Let’s discuss where from to get the bird nests and how to decorate with nests.

If you are villager then you can easily find the vacant nest lying in your ground, trees and plants. Don’t worry if you are living in city as you can get nests through one of your friend who may be your colleague or your classmate. Anyway when you get these nests then what to do with this?

Bird nests have a rustic look itself however you can color it with your favorite natural color like as I like natural green color. Get the artificial eggs which are easily available in the market. Now purchase an artificial bird. Place the nest in a hanging transparent pod and hang it in any corner of your home. Place the eggs in the nest and place bird on the eggs as sitting on the eggs.

The next idea about how to décor with nest is to put the eggs in teapot and wrap the teapot attractive cloth. Here are lot are bird nest egg décor DIY ideas.




DIY Bird Nest Cage Decor

Get one cage, put the nest in it and then place the artificial eggs in the nest. Hang this cage in your sweet home.


You can also decorate by putting the eggs in a nest and placing it in a ceramic pot.



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