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No Need For An Interior Designer – 5 Décor Tips That Beat The Pros

Who said that you need an interior designer to redesign the look and feel of your house? All you need is a little creativity and the willingness to try new things. If you have a little sense of color and textures, you can go a long way and are going to fall in love with the results. Let’s begin with a few very simple interior decor tips with which you can beat even the pros very easily:

  1. Welcome Greenery Inside

This is a great way to add a character to your house and it works regardless of the weather outside. Plants add a lot of beauty and liveliness to your interiors. There is a long list of greens that you can invest in including the snake plant, pothos, philodendron, iron plant, cacti, and those small succulents that you saw last week in that nursery.

  1. Play With Lights

Instead of installing a big centerpiece in the middle of your ceiling that hangs low on your dining table, why not invest in several light fixtures? You can still have a centerpiece but not that huge. It can still hang low but not that low. Just make sure to include more small light fixtures so that you can get a more layered and 3D effect in your overall lighting scheme.

  1. Invest In Textures

Move beyond that traditional tablecloth. It is time that you invested in some unusual textures for your home. There are numerous options in the market such as fake fur, cowhide, faux croc skin, and synthetic leather pieces. The list is practically endless and at the end of the day, what you get is a marvelous look and feel to your entire house.

You can combine these textures with your beautiful mahogany sofa set and that huge wall hanging that you purchased from the Oriental market last month. These textures are especially suitable for the winter because they give your home a very cozy and warm feel. It is time to give them a thought.

  1. Memory Clutter

This is a very unique idea and for this, you will need a center table or any kind of flat surface in one of the corners of your living room. This has to be rather stable so that you can use it to accommodate several of your mementos, trophies, souvenirs, and various other precious items. This could be like a miniature museum displaying your memories and achievements.

  1. Artwork Is Fun

If you haven’t invested in a set of artworks, or oil paintings, or any kind of mixed media, it is time you considered them for your living room and bedroom as well. The one thing that you have to make sure of is to frame them in the most appropriate colors and textures. If you are aiming for a minimalistic look, do not go overboard with embellishments and carvings.

Keep the lines simple and neat so that they do not appear too congested. Similarly, if you are aiming for a large art piece, make sure not to include any other wall hangings on that same wall. Just a simple rug on the floor in front of it is going to do the trick.

Final Thoughts

You will have to be a little more experimental with your interior design before the year ends. You will have to learn how to welcome more color and texture into your home if you want to give it a completely new look. Do not be hesitant. Do not be afraid. This is your home and it can very well be your canvas.

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