Cool Front Yard Landscaping and Gardening Ideas

There is no need to break a bank to create and maintain front yard landscaping as there are many landscaping DIY ideas being shared online. These ideas have inspired home owners to beautify their living places with wonderful landscaping. Landscaping not only beautifies your sweet home but it also adds value to your architecture. There is a great trend of front garden ideas where evergreen and colorful flowers are grown that every home owner will like. The mixture of multi-seasoned flowers allows you to add or remove the plants as the season change year-round.

DIY Evergreen Front Garden

Before planning a front garden you should also consider your commitment level and environment because different plants have different watering and sunlight needs. For instance a succulent garden will not flourish in shady yard and same like a fern garden will not long last in sunny yard. Shortly which front yard landscaping idea is your favorite, pick the plants considering your climate and specific conditions in your front yard and in this way you can create your front garden to inspire your neighbors and adding a boost your architecture value.

Adding a Colorful Floral Border

To add a welcoming charm to your entryway, create a colorful border of flowering plants because it’s an easy front yard landscaping idea to add some more interest in your home gardens. Ensure a mixture of annual and perennial flowers with some evergreen bushes while adding a colorful flower border as it will make your front yard evergreen year-round. The idea to use window boxes makes it so appealing as it would not only beautify your entryway but also attract visitors to your home. It’s any easy way to add instant beauty to your home but the idea is also recommended for guest home, show home and houses located in the market.


DIY Entryway Mini Water Feature

Don’t worry if you don’t have a room to add mini water feature in your front yard as still you can create a wonderful water feature anywhere in your front yard. You can utilize the underutilized space between front yard and garage to create mini water fountain. Keeping the small pump inside the glazed clay pot is wonderfully enough to keep the water circulating over. You are blessed if having a shaded corner as small fountain is great alternative for rocking garden. This option is most recommended for homeowners who like water sound but don’t want to don’t want to take care for large fountain or pond.



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