5 DIY Camping Hacks For a Successful Trip

Camping is one of the best ways to connect you with nature. It also helps you relax and have a great time with friends and family.  Enjoying the wilderness and having a few roughing-ups is part of a camping experience. Yet, with the help of some DIY camping hacks, you can make it much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are a few camping tips and tricks to help you save weight, time and money. Let’s get started:

  1. Use a Glue & Sandpaper inside a Match holder to Keep them Dry

Matches are very important when you are camping. However, they may get wet and soggy during the trip. By using Sandpaper inside the machine holder and sticking it with the matchbox through some glue, you will be able to keep your matches dry and safe. The sandpaper will also make a striking surface to light up the matches.

  1. Use a Trash Bag as a lining for your backpack to keep everything Dry

Garbage bag

Weather is always unpredictable. You never know when the rain starts to pour down. To prevent your belongings from getting soaked in the rain, you can use this simple DIY hack. Line the inside of your backpack with a bin bag before packing all your belongings. This way, you would have dry clothes and a dry sleeping bag for the entire trip regardless of the weather conditions. 

  1. Silica Gel Packs to Prevent Cookware from Rust between Uses

Silica gel

You may have already seen silica gel packets in different products. They are used for sucking moisture to keep items from corrosion. It would be best to pack some to keep your cookware from rusting during the trip.

In an ideal situation,  you dry your cookware and store it in a cool and moisture-free place. However, during camping, you may need to dry the dishes in a rush before stuffing them in bags. Silica gel packets would help keep them rust-free between uses. 

  1. Use a sleeping bag stuffed with clothes as a pillow to save Packing Space

Sleeping bag

Pillows are great, but they take a lot of packing space. Although inflatable pillows are, rolling them in the air is quite uncomfortable.

As a simple DIY solution, take a sleeping bag case and pack it with your softest clothing. Make sure that you stuff it, keeping the bag edges even and free of pressure points. This would not only save a lot of packing space but would also make for a great pillow. Just add more clothing to make it more soft and supportive.

  1. Use a Headlamp and a Water Jug for Lantern 
DIY lantern

(Courtesy of Rothco/YouTube)

This is the coolest camping hack. Just use a headlamp and a jug of water or any water bottle to make for a lantern. The best light effects come from a translucent coloured bottle.

In the nighttime, strap the headlamp to the jug’s side for an inward beam. This DIY lantern works perfectly well anywhere you need a good light source.  Whether you want to start a campfire, clean your tent or search for something inside a tent, this lantern will light up everything to make things easy to execute!


Camping is no doubt a refreshing experience. Here are a few more DIY camping hacks to check out for an amazing experience. Have Fun.

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