5 Amazing DIY Corner Garden Ideas

Looking to spruce up your corner garden? This guide is filled with unique ideas that will help you build the perfect DIY corner garden. 

Space Saving Garden Ideas 

Corner gardens only have a small amount of space available, so it can be difficult to know what will fit. One option is to add tall objects to make use of vertical space in your garden. A trellis, a ladder, or even a tall statue can turn a corner into a focal point. Additionally, cement blocks can be arranged to save on limited space. This type of planter is a perfect DIY item because it is cheap and easily available.

If you want to add plants, consider raised boxes. These are easier on a gardener’s knees and they also add height to a garden. If your corner garden doesn’t have a lot of room, a raised planter will save space while still looking stylish. 

Cement Planter for Corner Garden

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Make your Corner Garden more Private

Rather than letting your corner garden go to waste, make it work for you. Strategically placed objects can serve as decoration while also giving you some much needed privacy. For example if you don’t want to add a fence to your entire yard, a corner fence can subtly give you more privacy while also bringing attention to the overlooked edge of your garden. Second, plants can decorate a garden while also making things more private. If you want to block out neighbors or busy roads, then build a corner garden featuring fruit trees, shrubbery, or saplings. Corner Fence for garden

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Add DIY Seating

Places to sit are a great addition to a corner garden. Here are some unique DIY ideas on seating. To start off, you can always keep it simple by adding a bench to your garden where visitors will sit and enjoy the view. For the savvy carpenters out there, consider filling your corner garden with a seating shed. If you are a bookworm, a cozy reading nook is just a few steps away. Corner gardens can easily be made into the perfect place to settle down with a good book.

Reading Nook

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Use Plant Varieties in your Corner Garden

Why not decorate your corner garden with a unique collection of plants? Here’s how foliage can draw attention to your corner garden. First, consider using bright and colorful flowers that draw attention to the area.

Another option to make your corner garden special is by using herbs. These edible plants are easy to grow and can look beautiful in gardens. Lastly, when facing a shadowy corner of the yard, consider a crevice garden. Rocks don’t need sunlight, so using succulents in a crevice garden can allow you to take advantage of dark corners.

DIY Flower Bed

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Final Thoughts: Get Creative with your DIY Corner Garden

It can be tough to know what to do with corner gardens. If you have a large enough space, let your creativity flow by mixing several elements we’ve already mentioned together. Add a trellis and bench or mix cement planters with a corner fence. Now that you’ve been inspired, nothing is stopping you from making a stellar DIY corner garden.Corner Trellis Bench GardenImage source

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