8 Wonderful Home Improvement Projects to do during COVID19 Lockdown

As we are encaged indoors for long time due to COVID-19 lock-down, many of us  are tired watching TV programs .It is the high time to start a positive and constructive activity .Here are some fun home improvement DIY projects which you can do by yourself.  

1- DIY Cozy Study Corner

No idea to do with an empty corner of room? Convert it into a cozy study corner, just install some racks to hold books and avail a desk.Your study corner is ready.

image via decoist.com

2-DIY Floating Bookshelves

There is a nice idea for reading addicts, amaze your guests with an elegant effect of stacked books, floating in midair. Purchase  ready-made racks from market, basic DIY skills are required to fix racks along wall.

image via amazon.com

3-DIY Magnetic Wall

If you do not like white or blackboard, try magnetic wall . It is possible to maximize the surface of walls, doors, and  anything into a useful magnetic surface based on your needs.Buy wall primer, magnetic paint  and foam roller from local market.  Basic painting skills are required to do this job.Apply paint as per manufacturers instructions.

image via bobvila.com

4-DIY Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is great for study  and to express  creative skills of someone, no matter you are teenager, an adult or a kid.The procedure to make a chalkboard wall is same as magnetic wall .Just you have to buy chalkboard paint instead of magnetic paint.

image via decoist.com

5-Bathroom Privacy Curtain

Install  curtain  to make sure  adequate privacy at bathroom through  a simple D.I.Y bathroom window curtain.Basic DIY skills and working tools will be required to do this job.

image via curtainfordoor.blogspot.com

6-DIY Decorative Brass Tacks on Furniture

Jazz up you old looking chair, table or bench with decorative brass tacks.Brass tacks are easily available at market and you can do it easily even you are not expert.

image via invaluable.com

7-DIY Household Shelter Ventilation Cover

To keep away domestic pets like lizards, spiders and cockroaches a household shelter ventilation cover is very useful . The product is easily available at market.


8-DIY Installing a Privacy Screen

To get rid of indoor heat and humidity, privacy screen is very effective.The privacy screen shown below is very good looking and useful.

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