Egret uses Water and Salt to Clean and Disinfect the Things

According to a latest   research, use of electrolyzed water is as effective for domestic cleaning and disinfecting as traditional cleaning products.Using this concept an eco-friendly cleaning appliance has been created in China called Egret. It is an easy to use home appliance that creates electrolyzed water to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and even odors in most economical way.

“Egret works by harnessing the awesome power of electrolyzed water, or EO water,” says the creators. “When you pass electricity through a salt water mixture, you create EO water. EO water exterminates 99.95 percent of virus and germs that it comes into contact with; and literally blows up bacteria by breaking its outer cells and bursting it with water.”

You have to fill ordinary water and ordinary salt as per directions of manufacturer and Egret device creates electrolyzed water within 60 seconds. The device is ready to perform duty after 3 minutes.  The device is most recommended to be used for cleaning in kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, carpets, shoes and car interior. As the water created by the device is sterile and non-toxic, it is suitable for cleaning / sterilizing of baby products, fruits and vegetables .But take care to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly after using the appliance.

“EO water created by Egret is as effective as any cleaning product, and it’s totally natural, so it won’t harm your skin or aggravate your allergies,” says the Egret’s creators.

Studies like those out of the University of Georgia, Griffin, and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, seem to broadly agree that electrolyzed water shows promise as a sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning products. An evaluation by the Georgia researchers confirmed EO water’s bacteria-killing potential, concluding that “EO water treatment could be used as an effective method for reducing microbial contamination on different surfaces.”

“It was found that electrolyzed water has the potential to reduce the environmental impact and improve the safety in the work environment in comparison with the typical cleaning/sanitizing products, as well as it can be more economic over the long term.”

The appliance comes with USB cable to charge its battery and will retail for US $219 via Kickstarter, however deliveries are slated in April 2020.

For more watch below video.


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