places to visit in northern iraq

A Visit to Lalish Iraq

Lalish is a mountain valley village in Shekhan District of Nineveh Governorte in Northern Iraq near the border with Iraqi Kurdistan. There is temple of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir which is considered the holiest temple of Yazidi faith. As the temple is since Ancient times therefor many archaeologists and historians say that this temple was part of Sumerian and other ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and from as early as the 25th century BC through to the 7th century AD the entire region of northern Iraq was an integral part of Assyria. Later it became the location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, who is a central figure of the Yazidi faith. The Lalish village is situated above the town of Shekhan which was the 2nd largest population of Yazidi prior to the persecution of Yazidis by ISIL. The distance from the Mosul is about thirty-six miles in northeast.

places to visit in northern iraq

Yazidis are expected to make a six-day pilgrimage to Lalish to visit the tomb of Sheikh Adi and other sacred places at least once in their lifetime. The other sacred places are dedicated to other holy beings. There are two other sacred springs called Zamzam (in the cave below Sheikh Adi’s sanctuary) and Kaniya. There are also Pirra Selat (Serat Bridge) and a mountain called Mr. Arafat in Lalish which are significant in other faiths. Yazidis living in this area are expected to make a yearly pilgrimage to attend the autumn seven-day Feast of the Assembly.

yazidi holiest tomb

places to visit in northern iraq

holiest tomb of yazidi faith

things to do in northern iraq

inside yazidi tomb

temple of sheikh adi ibn musafir


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