diy web surfing tips

Time-saving tips for web surfing

As per survey American spends two and half hours daily using INTERNET which is more than twice as they spent eating and five times more than they spent behind the wheel of a car. Whereas this duration increased while they use internet at weekend as they spend most time surfing the internet. Now this is time to find out amazing time saving web surfing tips so we can save our precious time enabling ourselves to relax in so much busiest life schedule.

After a deep research we’ve find out 5 amazing internet time-saving tips, same are enlisted below for your easy web surfing experience.

diy web surfing tips

1)   Try a different browser

If you want to save time while surfing the internet then try different browsers rather than trying only one browser because different browsers have different features and add-ons.

For instance, if you are a gamer then it’s possible that a browser doesn’t have the required features but any other browser might have the required features. Wave Browser is a safe and fast browser that you can try.

best internet browsers

2) Learn the shortcuts

There are so many shortcuts available in your keys that can save a lot your time while surfing internet. Like most of us know that we use Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste. Same like Window+M can be used to minimize your all documents if you want to access your desktop in a second.


3) Search smarter

Search engines are smarter so don’t write and they can understand for what we are searching so don’t search by inputting lines into your browser just input the phrase or keywords for your required search results. So search smarter by inputting phrases and keywords.

4) Just type Webpage

Almost all web browsers allows auto fill while searching on the web. For instance if you want to visit a website for instance then just type There is no need to type www or http/https before the site address.

5) Use Tabs

Using tabs on your keyboards will save your lot of time. Only one press of tabs with combination of appropriate key can perform a function in few seconds. Make it your habit to use your tabs while web surfing.

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