12 Amazing Outdoor Furniture DIY Ideas

If you are good at doing DIY stuff you don’t need to spend money to purchase precious furniture for your outdoor space. Try these simple, easy to do and most economical DIY patio furniture ideas.

Re-purposed pallets

Get wooden packing frame from local craft store and you can make patio furniture easily by placing them at suitable place. Apply your favorite paint or keep it at its original surface color as per your choice and provide some mattresses and cushions.

Re-purposed wooden chairs DIY

Make wooden pieces by pallet and create chairs as per your choice to place at desired place ,Just add some accessories.

Re-purposed wooden bench

It is very easy to create a wooden bench using wooden planks taken by packing frames. Just place it at a suitable place.

Concrete Block and Wooden Batten

Utilize concrete blocks and wooden batten to create a good looking patio sofa .Just arrange both sides concrete blocks and place wooden battens on them as shows in picture below. Provide matters and some cushions and your patio sofa is ready.

Sitting place made by Concrete blocks

Arrange concrete block with wall or any other space and cover with mattress and cushion. Your comfortable sitting place is ready for use.

Cable Spool Sofa & Table

It is not difficult to find some cable spool from market. Provide some mattress and cushion to have a comfortable patio sofa. It can also be used as table just add a round shaped glass on it.

Tree stump chairs

Utilize tree stumps to create garden chairs and table, they are also suitable to make stools also.

 Simple wooden outdoor chairs

Simple and very good looking garden chairs can be created using wood according to plan given below. It is super easy to do.

Pallet Swing

Create a deck using old wooden pallets, hang it at suitable place in patio and add some accessories to get an amazing comfortable swing.

Fruit packing crate chairs

Get fruit packing crate from local fruits shop. Place them on suitable place in garden and by providing some accessories they can be transformed into good locking comfortable garden chairs.

Steel Chairs

Redo your old garden steel chair by cleaning, removing their rust and knitting them with your favorite color thread. They are very good looking light weight and easy to relocate.

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