Apis Cor completed World’s largest 3D-printed building in Dubai

Apis Cor is the first company to develop specialized equipment for 3D printing in the construction industry. Their technology is capable of printing wall structures entirely on-site without extra assembly required. Their mission is to create fully autonomous equipment that can print buildings on Earth and beyond.

Apis Cor has completed world’s largest 3D-printed building located in Dubai. The two story building keeps 6900 Sq ft (640 Sqm) cover area and measures 31 ft (9.5 m) height. The building is so large that’s why a portable 3D-printer was used at site through a crane. However, just three workers of Apis Cor were on site to operate the machine and to look after the work .The whole project has completed just in three weeks.

3D-printing is entering in a new age through this project, and it is admirable that the project has completed with less human work involvement. The construction was same as other 3D-printed projects, through a nozzle, cement mixture extruded layer by layer to build up the initial structure of the administrative building. Foundation work of the building which includes laying of steel bars and pouring of concrete, floor work, fixing of doors, windows and roof work have been done by skilled construction workers.

“Construction 3D printing technology is only at the early stages of development,” says Nikita Cheniuntai, CEO and founder of the firm. “We do extensive R&D work to make the technology available for mass use. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Dubai Municipality. The project gave us unique knowledge and invaluable experience that will help us improve our technology and develop a new version of our 3D printer. The improved version will be more reliable and time efficient (twice as fast). Moreover, during the project we tested and improved our own-developed 3D mixture. This project is a huge step forward in the concrete 3D printing industry.”

The firm is researching to meet building codes for its 3D-printed houses and has planned to build sustainable houses in Louisiana, Florida and California in coming years.  In past, the firm has won the NASA’s space habitat award through a 3D –printed house.


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