Have a Look on Marketing Suite built from Shipping Containers in Hong Kong

A work of substance is an architectural firm having its offices in Hong Kong, Paris and Stockholm. They have created a two story office using shipping containers. They have used four containers to create six different spaces as marketing suite for Goodman Westlink.Containers strongly present a logistic company and source of feasible architecture. Through providing glass openings the architect has increased the opportunity allowing clients to have an overview of surroundings.

The Goodman Westlink marketing suite is designed in this way that it can be packed down, transported, and re-assembled without leaving a footprint on the original site.

The marketing suite keeps 2,067 sq ft (192 sq m) area, looks modern and feasible. The open interior spaces offers large glass walls allowing the natural landscape around the building to become part of its charm. The interior wooden flooring, wall cladding and cabinetry add warmth to the space for peaceful working environment.

The architects built the marketing suite by joining three shipping containers on the ground floor and stacking a fourth container above them. To protect from moisture and to reduce impact on land, the lower level containers are placed a little off the ground. The large outdoor terrace is located opposite side of the upper level. The architect has provided option to create fifth interior space on the first floor.

We maximized the opportunity to have extensive glass openings, which allows potential clients to have an overview of the surrounds,” says A Work of Substance. “The layering of timber and glass softens the features of an inherently industrial product, establishing harmony amongst nature whilst bringing in light and tropical backdrops into the space.”

On the lower level, the Goodman Westlink marketing suite keeps a large open board room which is convertible to large open space for arranging marketing events and meetings, a bath room and a kitchen located beneath the open staircase. With the use of sliding panels the space can be closed off.


“Containers are multifaceted; a strong symbol of a logistics company and a celebrator of sustainable architecture,” says A Work of Substance. “Its modular construct naturally allowed us to use four containers to create six different spaces as a marketing suite for Goodman, with the flexibility to adapt to an evolving site.”

Featuring the glass atrium first floor can be used for smaller meetings and peaceful working zone. A steel-framed wooden staircase leads to the first floor. This zone is adjoining the large external terrace to experience great view of surroundings.


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