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App Plant Life Balance tells how to manage Indoor Plants for Improved Air Quality

We’ve observed many ways where augmented reality has informed us about our purchasing decisions but it depends if we allow these superimposing products into our living rooms. A new app called Plant Life Balance has followed a similar approach after a deep research. This app help users to decide their home with just the right amount of air and soul-cleansing plants.

indoor plants app

Science tells us that plants can purify our air and that makes our living place a little bit nicer but the team behind the new app Plant Life Balance has taken one step further as this App has been developed after reviewing more than hundred scientific articles to develop what it calls plant life balance index. By rating in this app you can decide that how much different plants can improve the life of urban dwellers, offering a reading of two basic metrics, air quality and wellbeing.

In its index you can observe the things like how different plants absorb volatile organic compounds and other particulate such as dust, pollen, soot and smoke, along with how plants in our living place can improve productivity and social behavior. Even it also takes into the account the surface area of plant’s leaves and how big the plants themselves are and which combinations of small and large plants can have maximum impact, depending on our living space.

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Using the app on smartphone, the users take a snap of the room and input number and size of plants in living their living space. The app Plant Life Balance then tells through rating that how healthy the space is. App also allows users to tweak things by dragging and dropping virtual plants into the room and adjusting their size as well.

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App uses a catalogue of more than 90 plants that can be super-imposed onto a room and then finalizes a list of those selected plant which user can order to local nursery to green up the living place. This app is available free for both iOS and Android worldwide.

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