camping on water

SmithFly raft-tent will enable campers to sleep on water

Its human nature to pitch their tent near to the water while setting camps near a lake or pond. Now SmithFly,s new Shoal Tent enables the campers one step further. Shoal Tent is a floating raft with a tent topper that actually allows the camper to sleep on the water surface.

camping on water

No poles are required to set up the floating raft and also claimed to be withstand in high winds. It includes with three air chambers-the tent’s structural support is also expandable. The drop-stitched floor is or 6 inches thick when expended and doubles as an air mattress. The tent can be detached from the raft via series of hoo-and-loop fasteners, if the camper wants to use on the land.

floating water tent smithfly

It is better to know that Shoal Tent has a footprint of 8 by 8 ft and accommodate people up to 6’3″ tall either sleeping of standing up inside. Its weight is only 75 lb (34 kg) and can be packed into a storage bag

This floating raft tent will be available in the market by late December or early January how it can be prerecorded now for a price of US$1499.

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