Best Bathroom Organizer Ideas to Double The Storage

It is very important to use different organizers in the bathroom as you have to keep a lot of items there. Some organizers that every bathroom has are a brush holder, shampoo rack, and a towel rack.

Today, I am going to give you some ideas about a few amazing bathroom organizers that can double the storage capacity. You can keep a lot of stuff if you use these bathroom organizers.

So, let’s start:

Tool Holder for Cabinet’s Back Door

You are using different tools and accessories in the bathroom cabinet. But you can increase its storage capacity by installing a tool holder on the backside of the cabinet door.

You can find various types of told holders to keep hair tools, shaving tools, creams, and much more. Just install it on the inner side of the cabinet door and woohoo… You have an extra bathroom organizer that increases the bathroom storage.

Swivel Hook for Towels

You already have a towel rack in the bathroom. But in case you want to keep a separate towel for every family member, then use a swivel hook. You can install this swivel hook on the backside of the bathroom door, or on any wall of the bathroom.

This towel hook provides you an option to hang 3 to 4 towels at a time. In case you want to increase this capacity, you can install another swivel hook with that. You can also use it to hang your bathrobe.

Under the Sink Cabinet

If you don’t have a cabinet under your bathroom sink, then you are wasting a lot of storage space. Just install an under-the-sink cabinet in your bathroom and you can organize a lot of items using that cabinet.

If you already have an under-the-sink cabinet, then you can increase its storage by installing pull-out drawers or shelving units. Since it is difficult to reach the deep cabinet to pick items, drawers or shelves with a pull-out facility will help you in organizing your accessories.

You can install a few tool holders on the inner sides of this cabinet as well.

Use a Corner Shelf

A corner shelf is a great way to use that space to increase the storage space in your bathroom. You can find a lot of different designs on corner shelves on Amazon or eBay. Just buy one, or make your own DIY corner shelf for the bathroom and increase the storage space.

These corner shelves can be used to keep the items that you need more frequently. Like shampoo, soap, shaving kit, or anything like this.

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