5 Easy DIY Ideas to Remodel Your Bathroom On a Budget

A bathroom is a place that needs to maintain properly because it has much moisture. Moisture is not good for the walls floor and for ceiling. Also, it can destroy the other bathroom accessories. In short, bathroom renovation is important and you need to inspect your bathroom once every 6 months.

Due to regular renovation requirements of the bathroom, it is good to do it yourself. With a DIY bathroom renovation, you can save a lot of money. If you don’t consider the DIY renovation of the bathroom then you have to spend a lot of money every year or two on your bathroom maintenance.

In this article, I will give you a few DIY bathroom renovation ideas that you can do on a budget. So, here we go:

Paint Your Wooden Floor

As I’ve mentioned earlier that a bathroom is a place where we have a lot of moisture. This moisture is not good at all for a wooden floor. If you have a wooden floor, then my best advice would be to remove it and replace it with a floor that can resist moisture. Tile flooring would be the best option as it doesn’t require that much maintenance as a wooden floor.

But if you can’t afford it, then you should paint your wooden floor with protective enamel. You can do it yourself easily so you can save the cost of labor.

Here you can check a few more ideas to renovate an outdated bathroom look.

DIY New Copper Shower Install

I would recommend not installing the showers underground. If you do so, the new shower replacement will be very costly as you need to tear the tiles and the wall as well to replace the shower. Shower units which are not underground are easy to replace by yourself.

Moreover, it is recommended to install copper showers as they have so many benefits. The copper is good for at least 15 years and the showerhead can easily be changed in the future.

Copper showers can be used in any type of bathroom, doesn’t matter if it is contemporary, traditional, vintage, or modern. If you need a classic look then hand made copper shower unit would be a great option. You can check a lot of handmade copper showers at miss-artisan.com

Paint The Walls Yourself

The easiest DIY task for any home renovation work is painting the wall to have a fresh look. So, if you feel that your bathroom requires some paintwork then you should DIY. Due to moisture, it is not good to install wallpapers in the bathroom because their life will be too short because of the moisture.

To control the moisture you can use the mini dehumidifiers as well. Check this guide to select the best dehumidifier for you.

So, instead of installing the wallpaper, paint the bathroom walls yourself. You just need a ladder, paint and a paintbrush for this task. Don’t forget to wear a safety helmet and gloves as well.

Install a New Sink Faucet

Normally plumbers or bathroom renovation companies will advise you to replace the entire vanity in the bathroom to give it a new look. It will be an expensive option. You can consider just changing the sink faucet and it can easily give you a new fresh look if you consider copper faucets instead of traditional stainless steel material.

Refinish Bathtub instead of Replacing it

It is better to repair and retain rather than replace. The same goes true for the bathtub as well. If you consider replacing the entire bathtub, because of peeling paint or some small damages; then it would be an expensive idea that most homeowners don’t like.

Instead of replacing, it is good to refinish the bathtub. It will cover any damaged spots or peeling spots. Also, fix any bathtub leaks around the base as well.

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