Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks on a Budget

Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks on a Budget

Keeping your carpet neat and clean is not easy, especially when you have kids in your home. Food, dirt, nail polish, and gum stains are not easy to remove. There is no doubt in it that carpet gives you ease and comfort in the home. On the other side, if you cannot keep it clean it will make a mess for you. Carpet cleaning is not easy as you cannot wash it out. The other option is to hire a carpet cleaning service that is obviously not affordable all the time. Therefore, today I’m sharing easy carpet cleaning hacks you can follow to keep your carpet clean and stain-free.

Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks on a Budget

DIY Carpet Cleaning Ideas

Below are the best carpet cleaning ideas that won’t require expensive materials or services. You can follow these easy steps to remove any type of stains from your carpet.

1- Use Iron to Remove Hard Stains

Use Iron to Remove Hard Stains

Removing hard stains with the help of iron is a simple carpet cleaning hack that you can do at home easily. Before starting the cleaning process you need to remove any hard particles from the surface. Once you remove the hard dust particles, take a cup of water and add vinegar to it. Keep in mind that the cup should include three parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. Pour the solution into the stained area and wait for five minutes. Now pick up a clean towel and put it on the stained area, apply the heated iron for 1-2 minutes. This process will remove the stain from the carpet and you can see a clean surface.

2- Use Baking Soda to Remove Oil Stains

Baking Soda to Remove Oil Stains

One of the most strenuous things to do during carpet cleaning at home is removing the oil stains. Sometimes these hard stains won’t even be removed with the help of hot water and dabbing technique. Rather than hiring a carpet cleaning service simply use baking soda to remove oil stains.

3- Use Alcohol to Remove Nail Polish Stains

Alcohol to Remove Nail Polish Stains

Perhaps, you won’t have an idea of removing nail polish stains with the help of alcohol. Believe me or not, alcohol is a convenient tool for carpet cleaning. The important thing to keep in mind is that do not pour alcohol on the stain directly as it can damage the colors and stuff of your carpet. Take a paper towel or a soft cloth, apply the alcohol to the paper towel and place it over the nail polish stain. By doing this you will see the carpet surface neat and clean within a few minutes.

4- Use Shaving Cream to Remove Normal Stains

Shaving Cream to Remove Normal Stains

You might be surprised that shaving cream is the best tool for cleaning normal stains from your carpet. The normal stains like dirt, shoe polish, and ink can be removed with the help of shaving cream. The carpet cleaning process is very simple, apply the shaving cream to the surface you want to clean and wait for a few minutes. Rub with a soft cloth and you will see your carpet stain free.

5- Use Ice Cube to Remove Bubble gum

Remove Bubble gum with ice cube


Ice Cube to Remove Bubble gum

Bubble gum is very hard to remove from the carpet surface. You can use ice cubes to remove the sticky bubble gum. The process is very simple, all you need to do is watch a bubble gum removing tutorial on YouTube.

Carpet Cleaning at Home

So the above-mentioned techniques are simple and easy to do when it comes to carpet cleaning at a low budget. Use the best carpet cleaning hacks and save your hard-earned dollars.

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