best mops

Best dust mops available in the market in 2018

best mops

In the era of this fast moving world, human efforts are all end up finding the best from better and the same case is with dust mops. These are specifically used for the cleaning purpose. If you are getting tired of using the old and torn dust mop and are willing to purchase the durable one then you knocked the right place because here we are going to disclose the best mops for 2018.

This all is efficient not just in shape but in the way of working too. Let us move towards these top 10 names!


  1. Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber Replacement Multipurpose Head: This is astounding product putting forward by Rubbermaid. Its design is very primitive and unique.
  2. 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop: This is another useful dust mop in the list. The best about this, it is attractive in design, it has the heavy duty Aluminium Mop frame and it has the microfiber that effectively collects the tiny dust particles.
  3. Commercial Cotton Dust Mop: It is prepared from the high-quality Cotton yarn, its natural cotton is good for cleaning the floor. The best about this, it is unique in design, light in weight, it comes in different heights accordingly. Furthermore, it provides flexibility to reach places which are harder to access.
  4. Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop: it is among the top ten dust mops and is very effective for cleaning. It is easier to use, you just need to connect the bottle with it and spray using the button on the handle. The best about this, it is small, comfortable, and also gives the unique smell when applied.
  5. O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Spin Mop: This is among the unique one, it is coming with the bucket which promotes easiness and comfort. The best about this, it is suitable for both dry and wet purpose, and the bucket has two separate portions to separate dust and water.
  6. O-Cedar Dual-Action Dust Mop: This is one of the best mops, specifically designed for the pet owners. The best about this, it has the microfibers mop head that will enhance the way of working, it provides ease when it comes to the bottom of furniture, cabinets, and bed.
  7. iRobot Braava 380 Floor Mopping Robot: It is more comfortable when comparing to others mops, it can effectively sweep and mop your floor with just one click on the button. It will work exactly after 3 hours of adding water and powder and you will program it.
  8. Lavany Replacement Part For iRobot Series: Lavany is another brand putting the best mops forward. The best about it, it is attractive in design and cleaning features too. The way of working is greatly impressing the users.
  9. O-Cedar Maxi Dust Kit: This is another amazing invention for cleaning dust particles. The best about this, it contains natural cotton, and it has the resistance against rusting.
  10. O-Cedar Hardwood Floor ‘N More Mop: Last but not least, it is another useful and astounding product on our list. The best about this, it is designed to use for the hardwood floor, and it is suitable for both wet and dry purposes.

So, this was the list of top 10 Dust Mops, you can purchase any of them on Amazon. What are you waiting for, go for one!

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