DIY bathroom storage plans

12 Genius Bathroom Storage DIY Ideas

Doing it yourself is good habit as lot of time and money can be saved if someone has a little DIY how-know.  Now a day there is great trend that people want to do their little things at home by their selves. I think the time we spend in the market to buy these little things is more than the time as we can do it yourself if having little bit DIY tips.

There are lots of DIY ideas to save money but today we’ll share with you some genius bathroom storage DIY Ideas with you, following these ideas you can save a lot of money and time as well. Below are some DIY space-saving bathroom storage ideas for your bathroom of any size.

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet.

Installing a cabinet in bathroom is a great idea for bathroom accessories storage.

diy bathroom storage ideas


Do it Yourself Hanging basket in Bathroom

You can also hang a basket in bathroom to create storage space

diy bathroom storage ideas

DIY wrap-around shelf for storage shelf

Check this wrap-around shelf for bathroom accessories storage.

easy bathroom storage ideas


Installing a IKEA picture ledge above Sink

diy storage ideas


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