Front Door Ideas

5 Best Front Door Ideas – Modern and Classic Doors Ideas

The front door is the gate-pass to your home, which means you should make it look more appealing. Everything in your home should bring out your personality and that includes a door. If you are a conservative going for some classical front door styles can change the mood in your home.

There are a variety of external oak wooden doors you can choose for your front door and bring out the mood. If you plan to renovate your home and give the front entry a new look, these door ideas should save you the hassle when shopping.

Barn Door

Do you want to give your home some glamour of the country charm? Well, the barn door is the first ingredient you should have. You should look for some amazing barn doors from the local furniture store. The famous Dutch-style barn door will make your home look more appealing.

This barn door style allows you to keep the top part of your front door open for a breeze while the bottom keeps your pets indoors. You can add some coat of teal paint on the barn door, and you can be sure of drawing attention.

Rolling Doors

When someone enters your driveway, they witness your home’s front door and the garage door. You got to install a durable door that allows maximum safety.

You can learn more here about how rolling doors are safer options for your garage’s front. It rolls upward, thus, mitigating the chances of hitting any object and damaging the property.

Wood-paneled Door

A wood-paneled door is the best you can get if you want to make the entryway to your living room more appealing. This door style makes your front door a little rustic while still giving your home that contemporary look.

The wood paneling on the door makes the door more outstanding. It offers a visual interest as it matches well with the overall chalet-like style of the home. This door style is the best for most rustic homes, but you can also make it contemporary or modern with the right fixtures.

Split Door 

Split doors are still trending even today for many reasons. They make your home stand out by giving it that contemporary look. Although they are not used as entry doors for most modern and contemporary homes, they can still be an excellent choice if you decide to use them.

These doors offer you some bit of security as you can open the top half if you want to greet a visitor as you leave the top half locked. This type of door will also leave all your pets and children locked in while still giving them all the ventilation they need to keep cool.

Stained Glass 

Glazed and stained doors are still a better option for the front of your house. This type of door will allow light to filter through the entryway and still guarantee you the privacy you need.

Another reason you need this door is because of the beauty it adds to your house. You can greet your visitors with some work of art before they can walk straight into the house.

Modern Farmhouse 

A modern farmhouse door is another great choice of entryway door you can have for your home. If you just can’t get enough of the Fixer Upper styles for the chic front door, this is the right door for you.

You will love the double-door design, which allows for plenty of fresh air and light in your home. These doors also give you plenty of access when you bring large items into the house.

When you go for a modern farmhouse door, you should not hesitate to pick a gray or black to give your home that neutral look.

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of doors you can shop for if you want to give your home that new look. You can go for other front door options, including etched glass, modern, wood-paneled, and ornate. Pick the right door that matches your home design. These five front door options are some of the best you can fetch for your home.

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