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Best Luxor Tourist Attractions Temple Of Habu When Visit Egypt

Hurghada travel guide

This temple was built in the reign of Ramses III the most powerful kings of the twentieth family, Ramses III built warships where his victories were large and arrived in Syria.

He built the funerary temple so that his triumphs were recorded on his walls. This temple was built in the style of the temples in Syria and also resembles the Temple of Ramsium.

This temple consists of two gates, one east, and another west, and a sacred lake on the right side of the eastern entrance, inside the temple is a large arena for the rituals, the second arena has many cylindrical columns that record the king’s victories on the Libyans, Large columns with only small parts left, and there is a small room and temples for the holiest places.

Actually, there are so many things that you can learn when you study the history of Egypt. Like you can know about what is papyrus and its importance in Egypt’s history and civilization.


Ticket price entry Temple of Habu:

– Regular ticket price is 30 Egyptian pounds.

– Ticket price for students is 15 Egyptian pounds.

Visit dates of the Temple of Habu:

The temple is available for visits from 6 am to 5 pm.

5 – the tomb of Rekheira:

King Tuthmosis III was very proud of BoziraRakhmira, which made him order to build a cemetery of his own, this cemetery showed the prosperity and civilization of this era, there is a part of the mosque showing the responsibility of the minister towards the people, there are some drawings that showed that the kings of neighboring countries were leaving their representatives in Algeria and Gifts to be presented on Rakhine.

There were a lot of sculptors, stoneworkers, carpenters, and pot smiths working under the supervision of Minister Rakhmeira.

There is a religious part of his tomb showing the funerary part and the holy journey of Abydos. There are inscriptions and drawings showing Rakhmira kneeling before Osiris, the dead family.


Price of the entrance ticket to the tomb of Rakhmira:

The price of the regular ticket is 25 Egyptian pounds.

6 – the tombs of Deir city:

They are tombs that are quite different from the tombs of nobles and kings in terms of stones or inscriptions and drawings.

7- Workers City:

It is a special place for workers who have built monuments for the 19th family such as sculptors, stoneworkers and artists.

8- Mary Girgis Monastery:

This monastery was built in the second century AD and is considered a commemoration of the martyr Mar Gerges who bore the torment of John 7 years of renunciation of Christianity.

9 – Deir al-Bahri:

This monastery was built during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut for the establishment of some religious ceremonies

Top 10 Luxor trip from hurghadaTourist Attractions:

  1. Valley of the kings
  2. Hatshepsut temple
  3. Karnak temple
  4. Luxor temple
  5. Colossi of Memnon
  6. Luxor Museum
  7. Valley of the novels
  8. Luxor West Bank
  9. Luxor Western Rites
  10. Flight of the Flying Baron

Best Hurghada Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea:

  1. Heaven Saphir Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  2. Hor PalaceDiving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  3. James & MacDiving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  4. JasminDiving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  5. M/Y CycloneDiving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  6. M/Y Dreams Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  7. M/Y Golden Dolphin II Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  8. M/Y Golden One Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  9. M/Y Grand Sea Serpent Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt
  10. M/Y Hurricane Diving Centre in Hurghada Egypt

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