Tree Stump Chair Table

How to Make DIY Table and Chair For Kids Using Tree Stumps

Tree Stump Chair Table

Sometimes your kids demand a new set of table and chairs for the garden but you may not be in a condition to get them a costly set of chairs and table. In that case, you need to find something to make a set of DIY table and chairs yourself.

To make a DIY table and chair set for your garden, a tree stump could be the best option. It will be a cool idea and your kids will surely love it as it will have some contrast to the garden and it will be also eco-friendly along with cheap as well.

To transform a tree stump into kids table and chair, you need to have a good length of the tree stump. A small tree stump will not be enough for this purpose. For the kids from 3 years to 10 years in age, you need at least 6 to 7 feet of the stump.

How to Transform Tree Stump into Table and Chairs

For this purpose, the first thing you should have is a chainsaw to cut the tree stump. If you have an old tree stump in your garden, you can remove that from the garden or you can buy an old tree stump as well. You can buy that from your nearest timber market, or at some places, you can also find people who are selling the tree stumps of different sizes online.

Cut Tree Stump

Now, its time to decide what should be the height of the chairs and the height of the table. If the length of the stump is good, then you can have a 2 feet height of the chair without having legs. You will cut the tree stump from the center, but only cut it to the half of the circle and then cut from the top to remove that part and make a shape of the chair.

Tree stump chair table

The backrest of the chair will be of 1 foot and the height of the seat will also be 1 foot. This chair will not have legs at all.

Since it is for kids, so 1 foot of height would be sufficient. If the tree stump is not big enough, then you can cut the stump of 1 foot. Then you can make a seat for only 4 inches and rest of the 8 inches part will act as a backrest.

transform tree stump into chair table

This type of chair will require about 6 inches to 8 inches long legs that you can make either from the wood or you can even use any other material as well.

Make 4 chairs to make a beautiful set, or you can make as per your requirement as well.

Now, to make a table, again, you can either use a complete part of a stump that could be about one and a half feet in height and can put it in the center of the chairs without any extra work.

Or, if you want to give it a good shape, then you can cut about 6 to 7 inches of the tree stump in width and that should have a diameter of 1 foot to 1 and a half feet. You can put that part to circular support and your tree stump table chair set is ready for your kids.

Tree Stump Table Chair Set

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