Best Summer Outdoor Gear for Camping in 2020

Summer has approached, to take advantage of this outdoor season some people  has booked RVs to blow out of the houses while others has planned to continue their outdoor activities throughout the summer season. 2020 is absolutely different as compared to previous years as there are restrictions against   any type of exhibition due to COVID-19. As regards outdoor gear, there is a big development.To help out my respectful readers I have gathered  a list of   summer 2020 outdoor gear. No matter where is your favorite destination, this new summer outdoor gear will support a summers worth.

Due to its volume and weight, a traditional fire pit is unsuitable to carry at outdoors. The Primus Kamoto is a smart product which keeps stainless steel, powder coated structure. Its fire basin is 40 cm 16 inch .One can pack it down to a flat, 2.4-inch-thick (6-cm) package using the simple scissor-style closing mechanism that flat down  to store in a car. A handle linked with the ashtray base makes it easy to relocate the 21-lb (9.5-kg). It includes a grill that can be fitted at its top for wood or charcoal cooking. Smaller version is available at for $130 and larger version at US$150.


A cooler is an important part of comfortable outdoor living. The all new Yeti Tundra Haul moves between home and outdoors easily due to its rough and tough wheels and a linked handle. Having 18.6-in (47-cm) wheel track it is smaller than other wheeled coolers and can hold 25 kg (55 lb) of ice. Price for Tundra Haul is $400 and it is available via amazon.

As it is difficult to carry furniture at outdoors but you cannot skip it. But, there is a big development in this regard. The Snow Peak Campfield Futon is favorite furniture for  both indoor and outdoor use. This clever piece of flex furniture is convertible to a pair of chairs, a sofa, a cot and even a table as per your requirement. By stacking up into a triple shelf, it creates a storage shelf to carry different types of stuff. It can be stored in parts as base plates, poles and cushion. With all these qualities the weight of furniture is as low as   32-lb (14.5-kg). For the Campfield, basic price is $750.

Music and outdoor have a strong relation with each other. Check out one of Sonos’ latest speakers, that are favorite for indoor/outdoor use. The Move depends on its built-in battery for up to 10 hours of music playback. Connect it with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and amplify playlists anywhere. It offers more than 100 streaming options . Find it on Amazon for $399.

Now you can enjoy a  glass of fresh juice at outdoor as Stanley Adventure shaker is  specially designed for outdoor use. It comprises 591 ml (20 oz) stainless steel shaker. It nests a pair of 7-oz (207-ml) rocks tumblers and a citrus reamer. A strainer lid  and  jigger cap  make a mini-bar that’s light and slim to carry anywhere, even via backpack. There is no need of extra cooling due to   the double-walled insulated design of the tumblers.With all these qualities the price for Stanley Adventure shaker are as low as $35.

Instead of a having a separate power source Mpowerd’s Luci  is linked with2,000-mAh lithium-ion battery. A single charge provides 20 hours of light,  it is linked with  solar panel as well as  USB charging which make it easy to power up during daytime hours. Whether lighting up a camper van awning or deck umbrella, Mpowerd’s Luci Solar String Lights offer one of the simplest way  to illuminate  spaces.Having four modes upto 100 lumens, Amazon is charging $40 for this good product.

Get the smokey BBQ flavor where you want through smart Smokemeister. This portable smoker keeps 5 kg (11 lb ) of weight and usage is also very simple. Drop in a few hot coals and some wood chips to create a  a mini barrel smoker. The wire gauze  inside holds all the food steady and easily pulls out via the wooden handle. The Smokemeister lists in at $245 on Amazon. Unlike smokers that are simply too huge or grid-dependent to ever take to camp without a dedicated smoker trailer

Want to hammock where ever you want? The  Kammock’s Swiftlet is best portable hammock stand for outdoors. The easy-travel aluminum stand weighs just 7.7 kg 17 lb  when separated down into 50 x 8.5 x 8.5-in (127 x 22 x 22-cm) packed size and loaded in the travel bag. It can be erected with tool-free buttons and push pins. . It is sufficient to create space from kids’ size to XXL. Place  it at a permanent corner of the deck or keep it in the back of the pickup. Pre -orders are open for   Kammok’s   third  round against  $229 Swiftlet (hammock not included) and shipments  are slated  for August 2020.

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