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Creative Handmade Birthday Greeting Card Design Ideas for Kids

Some people like me have to with the birthday greeting on every two weeks or every month. The reason for that, I have a big social circle of my friends and family members. On my Facebook account, I get notifications too often about the birthdays, so I never forget to wish happy birthday to people who are close to me.

For this purpose, I have a collection of happy birthday quotes that I use to send via SMS. I have different birthday wishes for different people. Like when I need to wish happy birthday to dad, I have some different quotes while when I need to wish mom a happy birthday, I have birthday quotes full of love and thankfulness.

Here you can check my collection of 12 best Happy Birthday wishes for Mom.

I have two little cute kids as well and I can’t afford to forget their birthday. I also use to wish happy birthday to daughter and to my son. I also use to arrange special birthday parties for my cute kids. It makes them happy and also makes them feel very special on their special day.

If you also want to arrange a birthday party for the kids, then you must check my best DIY kids Birthday ideas.

You can also check some creative handmade Birthday card ideas for kids or for the other special people. For example, you can make a special birthday craft for your loving wife or husband. You can also make birthday wishes crafts for your special friends.

The most important and the simplest gift that you can use to wish a happy birthday to anyone is a birthday wishing card. You can send the birthday card to anyone let it be your friend or your grandparents or your grand kids. You can also write the best birthday quotes and wishes on the birthday cards.

You can even make your own customized and favorite handmade greeting cards for birthday and then you can write your favorite birthday quotes.

I would like to share a few birthday quotes with my lovely readers that they can use to wish anyone. After these quotes, I will guide you how you can make your own DIY birthday greeting cards.

Happy Birthday, Dear! Here is another special day for you once again and I wish there would be many more like this. You deserve an amazing birthday party. Let’s do it.

On this special Birthday of yours, I would like to tell you that you are an inspiration for many people. Keep doing your good work and be an inspiration for others. Happy Birthday to you.

As a friend, I know that our friendship is true and loyal to each other. You are the only friend whom I trust. Our friendship is greater than all. I am happy today because once again, I have a chance to wish you a very special Happy Birthday.

These were some birthday quotes that you can send to your friends or family members with a little change in the words. If you are not sure what to write on the DIY birthday card, then you can find a good collection of birthday wishes and quotes for everyone here.

Homemade Birthday Cards for Kids

Now coming to DIY birthday card ideas and how to make this. Well, making a birthday card is a very simple and easy DIY task. You don’t need to be expert and no special tools are required for this. Normally parents with kids have all the required stuff in the school bag which is required for making the birthday cards.

The only thing that is important for making easy handmade greeting cards is the “IDEA”. If you have a good idea, you can easily make a cute and creative birthday greeting card.

You can check a few DIY birthday card ideas here:

Kissing buttons cards

handmade birthday card ideas for best friend

If you are going to make a birthday card for your girlfriend or boyfriend, then there is nothing better than a simple, yet cute kissing button birthday card. For this, you need a colorful paper, a gum stick, pencil, decoration tape, and two buttons.

Fold the paper to give it a card shape and then decorate it with the decorating tapes and other stuff. Then use the marker or the pencil to make a line sketch of a girl and a boy. Now, attach the two different size buttons on the head. It will be a great DIY birthday card.

Hiding bear card

beautiful handmade birthday card idea

This is another great birthday card idea. If you want to make a DIY birthday card for the kids then this hiding bear birthday card will be a good choice. This is somehow difficult to make, but if you spend some time then you can easily make this card. For a better understanding of how to make the DIY hiding bear birthday card, you must check this tutorial.

String balloon card

homemade birthday cards for kids

Designing the birthday card from the outside is a great idea. But what about the inner side of the card? Kids love the birthday cards which have something interesting inside the card. A DIY birthday ballon card with a string would be a great idea and you can easily make that card yourself.

You just need to cut the paper in the ballon shape and then color those ballons. Attach the string on both sides of the card from inside and attach the Happy Birthday paper cuts on that string. You can also write best happy birthday quote for kids on the card.


As we said earlier, it is always a great feeling when someone greets you a Happy Birthday. The feelings are even good when they use the special happy birthday quotes for you. So, you should also do the same for others.

Always greet your friends and loved ones with the best birthday wishes and if you can make easy homemade birthday cards, it would be even better.

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