Easy to Make DIY Ladder Shelf

Build a DIY Ladder Shelf in 5 Easy Steps – Best Guide with Pictures

Although you can buy a ladder shelf easily from the market to keep your books or different decoration pieces but when you can create a DIY ladder shelf for just $25 then why spend $300 – $500?

Last week I created a mini DIY ladder shelf in just 3 hours to keep my books and plants. So if you are thinking of making a simple DIY ladder shelf you are at the right place.

In today’s guide, I’m going to share how I make my own ladder shelf in less than 3 hours.

Things you need at first:

(2) 1 x 4 x 6 pine boards

(6) .5″ x 2.5″ x 3ft. pine boards

3/4″ plywood cut to the following sizing:

– 4.5″ x 22″

– 6.75″ x 22″

– 9″ x 22″

– 11.5″ x 22″

– 14″ x 22″

3/4″ trim each shelf from the front side

You can use a Miter saw for cutting purposes.

DIY Ladder Shelf in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1:

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 1

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

Buy a plywood half sheet from the market. You can find it easily from the nearer hardware store. Cut the sheet to a standard bookshelf size or as per your requirements. I already had some spare sheets in my home, so I used them.

Step 2:

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 2

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

Cut 3 pieces that will support the shelves. Keep in mind, you will use one piece to support the shelf from the backside, and the remaining two pieces will be used to support the shelf from the right and left sides.

Step 3:

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 3

Source: gorillatough.com

Now you will need glue to join these pieces together. I used the Gorilla wood glue that is the best one in my opinion. It is not necessary to use only Gorilla glue. You can use any other one. You can find a lot of glue brands on Amazon at affordable prices.

Remember that you only need to glue the back piece with plywood at this step.

At a 10° angle cut your 1x4s on the bottom.

Step 4:

Now place your glued shelf in a dry place so it is firmly attached to the back piece. Once it’s dried, put 2 nails on each shelf. Check out the following pictures.

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 4

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 4

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

At this step, you will need a person who can help you out.

I tried it twice by myself but both times I failed to put the nails on the sides of the shelves.

Therefore to save your precious time take help from a family member. The job of the person will be to hold the shelf so that you can easily put the nails on both sides. Another important thing you should keep in mind at this stage, be sure to use the level so that your plane is straight.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to join the side trim pieces together with the shelf. Use a pencil to mark the edges and make the cut at a slight angle. Do not forget to glue the pieces. After doing this your ladder Shelf will look like the following picture.

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 5

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

DIY Ladder Shelf - Step 5

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

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Easy to Make DIY Ladder Shelf

Source: brepurposed.porch.com

So here you are with a simple and elegant ladder shelf made by yourself in just a few hours!

You can polish or paint it by yourself as per your likings.

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