Cute Dog House

Build a Pallet Dog House

People who love and keep pets will find this DIY amazing pallet dog place very interesting and useful. Your dog won’t get wet when it is rainy day and get freeze when come cold winter days, instead they will enjoy in the comfort of their small homes. So you will no longer have to worry when you leave the dog outside, and the dog will be happy to have their own pallet dog house.

For this homemade wooden pet house you need to prepare pallets, tool box with pallet breaker, saw, nails, hammer, hot glue and if you want to get funny house than you buy some bright colour paint. Here you will find attractive pallet dog house ideas that you will certainly like and will want to try to create.

You are probably asking yourself, but process is very easy to accomplish alone in your yard. First you need to build the base and frame with pallet planks and then you must cover all space between pallet poles with planks. You can make windows and door which will dog use to come in or go out. The last thing you need to do is to build chevron top with the rest of the planks.

If you want to see what is your dog doing inside house you can make flexible roof or you can fixed it with nails and glue. You can also make a little playground with ladder around the house, where your dog will have so much fun. There are so many options for DIY pallet dog house designs that will lead you create your pallet project.

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