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Recycling Old Guitar DIY Ideas

If you have an old guitar that is just standing in the corner and gathering the dust, you will find this project very attractive and interesting. Homemade guitar reuse ideas is the best way to finally find purpose for guitar that is taking up space but you can’t rid of it, because it reminds you at the unforgettable and wonderful memories.

With this DIY recycled guitar decoration, not only will you save a guitar but you will do something extraordinary and unusual which will adorn your house or department. To realize this creative guitar project you will need to prepare variety materials that depend on what kinds of decorations you’re going to choose for rooms in your home. You can make so many different ornaments like wall or floor shelves for living room and kitchen, makeup and jewelry organizer shelf, lamp and other unique items.

If you have broken guitar you just need to cut the top of guitar, stick the metal hanger on it and create simple guitar cloth hanger. To make useful guitar shelves you must separate the front of the guitar and make a free space in it, where you will later stick wooden boards of appropriate size with hot glue. For natural guitar look you can leave it that way, but you may also paint it with colours or decorate it with some vintage paper design.

Also guitar can be used like storage for wine bottles and books, or make gorgeous lighting guitar lamp that you may put on your night table in bedroom. You may decorate your guitar with some flowers if you want to, and there are so many other different creations that you have to try at your house.

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