Build your own Nightstand-DIY Nightstand Ideas

Sometimes a simple, prominent piece of furniture convert your dull bedroom into a perfect, good-looking and well equipped bedroom, have you got it? Yes! You are right, this is nightstand. A nightstand is a small piece of furniture and you have a lot of fun while you are working on this DIY project. Take it as a tiny table or mini cabinet. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you desire, but I suggest simple and minimal plan. There are plenty of options to choose from so here are some ideas of DIY nightstand projects for you assistance.

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1-DIY Pallet Box Nightstand

Avail pallet box from local store , install wooden legs and apply paint of your favorite color .Your nightstand is ready now.

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2-DIY Pallet Nightstand

Just two pallet boxes(one small and second large sized) will be required to create this nightstand, there is no need legs to fix  at bottom. Just apply paint and place as per image shown below.

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3-Rustic wood Nightstand DIY

The procedure to make this nightstand is super easy.Follow the instruction stated below.


1- Wooden plank (¾” thick)  2′-6″ x 1′-0″ 2 no

2- Wooden plank (¾” thick)   1′-0″ x 1′-0″ 2 no

3- Steel nails  (¾” long)  16 no

4-Iron legs ( as per image )

Working tools


How to make: 

Arrange wooden plank as per image and drive  nails one by one to make a rectangular box.Fix iron legs by driving steel nails at bottom of rectangular box to complete the process.

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4-Minimalist and elegant

This is a space saving and elegant idea of a nightstand. Just some wood working supplies, working tools and  some effort will be required to make this project, if you are good at DIY.

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5-DIY Nightstand Idea

Checkout this small table which is suitable to use as nightstand.

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6-Contemporary Design Nightstand DIY

This is a minimalist and very good looking design of nightstand which is very impressive.

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7-Nightstand  with Vintage Look DIY

You may convert your old TV stand into a unique, vintage nightstand by reducing its volume.

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8-Cross-legged Nightstand DIY

This is a little different idea of nightstand in which x-shaped legs are provided to enhance the grace of nightstand.

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9-Perfect minimal

Obviously! this is a cool idea of nightstand and the procedure to do this is  not so difficult .

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10-Simple and unique

This nightstand idea may prove a good DIY experience to improve your creative skills.

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11-Tree twigs nightstand

This is a very different ideas to create a nightstand in which tree twigs have been utilized and joined together .

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12-Tree Log Nightstand DIY

Have you keep a tree log at your farm?Re-purpose that log  as shown in image . A tree log nightstand in very inspiring and good looking.

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13- Nightstand decorated by tree twigs

Give a new look to your old nightstand by decorating its side with tree twigs .It is super easy to do and good looking.

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13-Wall mounted nightstand DIY

   a)Wall mounted long

This is an amazing nightstand which is supported with wall to save floor space.

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b-Wall mounted Rectangular

It is super easy to make this tiny good looking  nightstand .

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C-Wall supported cubical shaped

Are  you looking for a unique, modern nightstand ? Follow this plan which is super easy to make.

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