Buying Plantation Shutters

4 Things To Know Before Buying Plantation Shutters

Homeowners who yearn for sophistication and beauty in their rooms look for attractive arrangements. When it comes to decorating your rooms, window treatments are quite an addition. Plantation shutters, one of the most sought-after treatments, are known for imparting unmatched versatility and timeless appearance to homes.

Found in a wide variety of styles and materials, these attractive coverings are perfect for preserving energy, controlling light, and improving a room’s functionality.

But, buying plantation shutters without factoring in certain factors is a mistake as you may get the wrong one for your house. So, consider the following before purchasing shutters for your home.

1. Ask about the quality

To make the best buying decision, know the specifics of your Plantation Shutters and how the manufacturers will create it. You can ask about the kind of joinery the doors of the shutters comprise (mortise & tenon, or dowels). Knowing how the designers cure the wood is also essential as over a hundred wood treatments and curing options exist. Wood curing can either cause premature warp or increase the shutter’s span of life. Finally, ask about the paint and the finishing procedure to ensure that the shutters look new for years to come.

2. Take a look at the cost of high-quality shutters in your area

If you wish to get an almost accurate estimate of the cost of a quality shutter in your locality, check online portals made for the purpose. These portals only ask you to enter the zip code, your windows’ approximate size, and specifics like whether the shutter will be faux or natural wood. The estimate you get, including local labour costs, will be pretty close to the local prices.

You may also ask friends and family who have recently installed shutters to help you out.

However, nothing can beat the in-home consultation by window shutter experts. You may call a shutter designer and installer to check your windows and get a clear idea about the likely costs.

3. Go with motorised options

Imagine waking up to automatic shutters in your bedroom. You can motorise shutters to tilt open at a particular time or tilt close when the day’s heat gets tortuous. The automation helps protect carpets, fabrics, and wood floors by blocking the UV rays every day. You can easily operate and program the remote in such a way that it can control all the shutters at once or individually.

4. Opt for installation experts

A qualified installer can make sure that the shutters are installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The professionals pay attention when installing wood shutters so that the frames stay square on both the plumb and level axis simultaneously on each side of the unit that is being installed. Their dedication avoids pinched hinges and stress on the shutter panel that can lead to warpage.

Since the shutter takes 100% of the ultraviolet rays entering through the window, it should not only be tough but should have a perfectly leveled frame during installation. Otherwise, the shutter will tend to bend to the new shape, causing warps, cracks, and damage. If you hire a certified installer, the professional can make sure that nothing terrible happens to the shutter, and it lasts for almost 50 years.

Make the most of your window treatment with plantation shutters. Keep in mind the considerations above to get the best option for your residence.

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