Chic floating pallet shelves

Pallet floating shelves:

Ciao comrades. I am here to give you some more ideas about recycling the pallets for the good of ourselves and our environment. One way of pallet recycling is to make floating shelves out of pallets. These shelves solve stowage difficulties. They also serve as decoration pieces if they are arranged at some corner in the house.


Making woody shelves:

These shelves consist of planks of wood. You need to cut pallets horizontally or in form of a square box. You can screw the horizontal pallet with the wall and bolt some stained wood pallets on the top of it. If you have cut it in form of a box then fasten it to the wall and then put any kind of stuff in it.


The top of this shelf is made up of stained pallet which adds to its beauty.



This is simply awesome for your living room. It is as easy to make as it seems to be.



This shelf with white studs is very alluring. Use light colored pallets to make it look prettier.



This floating shelf has a pallet wall behind it. First you have to make a pallet frame and fix it on the wall and then make some floating pallets and bolt them to the wall.



This is good enough for your bathroom as you can keep towels on it. Moreover, you can attach a pallet handle to it so that you can hang the towels too.




This one is good for vases and decorated baskets. These are fit for corners of living room.





Dexterous people can make this shelf easily.



This one is good for keeping spices in the kitchen.


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