Trendy pallet daybed ideas

Pallet daybed plans:

Hello there. I am today here to tell you about how to use pallets to make daybeds which will make your patio look good and make your summer entertaining. Daybeds are really easy to make if you are a pretty crafty person and you are comfortable with tools.



Making daybeds:

In order to make daybeds all you need to do is to measure the size of mattress you already have and then cut the pallets according to size of your mattress to make the base of the bed. Take a sanding machine to remove all the splinters from the pallets in order to make it smooth. You can also make arms of the bed pretty easily and then bolt them with the bed. After fastening all the parts stuff your day bed with mattress, cushions and other comfy stuff. You can entertain your guests here.


A cozy daybed that will make you feel relaxed.





You can also make a coffee table and put it with your daybed. Arrange pots of fragrant herbs there and put the magazines too along with your coffee.




In order to have a feel of morning refreshment this bed is a heaven on earth.



Cover the comfy daybed with colored fabric that gives your eyes a soothing effect.





This is guest’s daybed perfect for your guest room.



This daybed will be seamless for book lovers who can comfortably read here.



You can make square shaped storage spaces under your day couch in order to solve storage problems.



This is a trendy day couch as it is a mixture of light and bright colors.




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