Concrete Patio Covering

Affordable Concrete Patio Covering

Although concrete patios lack visual appeal when left unadorned, they provide an ideal backdrop for creative backyard patio designs. Covering up the basic concrete is the first step in creating a serene garden paradise, lively entertainment hub, or quiet relaxation hideaway with the proper personal touches.

I am familiar with numerous low-cost options for covering concrete patios, however it may sound expensive. The options I’ll be discussing in this article all improve the product’s look, feel, or longevity, and some of them can even hide little imperfections.

Keep in mind that professional concrete repair services are a good place to start when attempting a do-it-yourself fix on a patio that has damage above what a rug may hide.

These are the most common and inexpensive ways to cover the surface of a patio, and they are listed below.



An eye-catching rug can conceal patio flaws while simultaneously bringing warmth and color to your outdoor space. Nice carpets don’t have to break the bank either.

Simple 5′ by 7′ outdoor rugs might cost $30 or more at home improvement stores, Amazon, and other stores. Prices begin at $60 for an 8’x10′ rug. If you choose to customize the carpet, smaller rugs can even more affordable.

There are other factors besides size that affect cost. The substance is important as well. The most expensive material is seagrass, while the least priced is polypropylene. Alternate materials, such as bamboo and sisal, fall somewhere in the middle.



In an instant, concrete can go from boring to beautiful and extremely long-lasting with the help of tiles. If you are handy around the house and don’t mind installing tiles, switching to a tile surface may actually save you money.

If you already own the necessary tools for installing tiles, then all you need to do is purchase the tiles, grout, thin-set mortar, and sealer.

The cost of the tiles, which depends on the material, is the most expensive component of the project. To get a more in-depth explanation, check out our tile floor installation instructions.

On the tile pricing spectrum, you’ll find polar opposites to porcelain and travertine. The most affordable tile option is porcelain, which ranges from $2 to $10 each square foot. Contrarily, travertine can cost anywhere from $7 to $20/sq. ft.

Other materials that you might use are rubber, terracotta, and slate. Performing the work yourself will cost you little more than $650 for a 300-square-foot outdoor patio, at the cheapest price point.



Pavers are a great way to enhance the appearance and longevity of a concrete patio without drawing too much attention to them. The pavers may end up saving you money because of its low care requirements, great adaptability, and high initial cost.

The pavers can be so simple to set up that you won’t even need a contractor, which means you can save even more money. Just the materials—mortar, sand, and pavers—will add up to the total cost.

Prices for pavers vary from $5 to $50/sq. ft., depending on materials. Pavers made of concrete are the most budget-friendly option, costing between $5 to $20/sq. ft. Prices for natural stone range from $10 to $50/sq. ft.

Pavers can be an affordable improvement for a 300-square-foot patio, costing around $1,650.



No need to remove the concrete if you’ve always preferred the feel and appearance of a wooden deck. Because the wood is already on a solid surface from your patio, you can work even more quickly.

If you want to add wood to your concrete patio, you can do so in two ways. Use modular deck tiles or construct the whole thing by yourself. Although they are more costly, interlocking tiles are typically easier to install and cost between $5 and $15 per square foot, unless you choose exotic hardwoods.

Wood can be an affordable patio upgrade, with prices ranging from $3 to $20/sq.ft. In terms of price, pressure-treated pine is usually the most affordable, although exotic hardwoods, such as Brazilian walnut, would command a premium. For supplies, a 300-square-foot deck may be built affordably for $900.

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