Share These Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas With Wedding Planner


If you are planning to arrange the wedding function in a marriage hall or in a wedding marquee, then you might also have a wedding planner as well who will plan all the functions of the wedding. But if you are interested in planning DIY wedding decorations at your own outdoor place, then you should focus on the decoration of that place.

But I advise you to share the DIY wedding decoration ideas with your wedding planner as you need to focus on other things as well. Your wedding planner will take care of all these ideas.

If you have contacted a wedding celebrant, then you can share these ideas with the celebrant as well. Because a wedding celebrant is not limited to the job to officiate wedding ceremonies, but they also arrange all the functions and decorations of the wedding locations.

But, you need to be very clear about the wedding planner or wedding celebrant that you are going to hire. Ask the wedding celebrant if they have a team to organize your wedding function and to decorate the location as well?

In case your wedding celebrant has a dedicated team who has the expertise of a wedding planner as well, then share these ideas with them so that they can do all the work for you.

A Photo Journey of Your Story


Storytelling through photography is an art. You can use this art on the entry point.  You can use photos on different trees or other wooden supports and these photos will tell your story in pictures to your guests. It would be a great idea and everyone will like to know about your story.

It will be a perfect and innovative way to decorate the empty space at the entry point. This story should be about you and your life partner and nothing else. It will also help you to engage those guests who arrive at the wedding ceremony early.

For this, you only need to have some amazing photos of your love journey and fix those photos in beautiful frames. Show these pictures to your wedding planner so that they can organize these pictures to make a photo journey of your love story.

DIY Photo Booth

DIY photo booth

Again it will be fun for everyone and is a creative idea to decorate the outdoor wedding place. You can use the old photo frames and can hang them on the tress or the stands on the entry point or other open space at wedding where your guests can walk around. They will love taking pictures in front of these beautiful photo frames.

If they want to capture some crazy moments, they can stand behind the frames and can click their photos.

Pallet Dance Floor

DIY pallet dance floor

Your guests on your wedding would be ready to dance to enjoy the wedding party. Dancing in a garden with high heels is no fun. Plus, there is a chance of twisting ankle which would be very painful for the ladies. So it is a wise decision to provide a dance floor to your guests at your outdoor wedding.

You can create your own DIY pallet dance floor where your guests can dance with partners. Even the bride can dance with the groom on that pallet dance floor without any problem or fear of twisting of ankle.

You can use the recycled wood pallets to build a dance floor in your backyard. It will take some time and money but it will be a great addition to the wedding decoration.

Wedding Celebrant Arch


The wedding celebrant arch or the wedding celebrant table decoration is also very important. Ask your wedding planner to decorate the celebrant table with beautiful white flowers that should be fresh.

If you are using a wedding celebrant arch, then you need to decorate that arch as well. Ask your wedding planner to completely cover the celebrant arch with colorful fresh flowers.

DIY Wooden Wedding Arch

Wedding arch

A wooden wedding arch at the entry point will look great. The DIY wooden wedding arch which you can see in the above picture is made from only 6 wooden pieces and it can be made in less than a day.

This beautiful wedding arch will be a gateway at the entry point or it can be used to get married under when your wedding ceremony is outdoor. It will be a great place as well for taking pictures by the guests in the wedding function.

Light Bulbs Flower Holders

Light bulb flower holders

Obviously, you need something to decorate the place. You can use the old light bulbs as the decoration pieces and you can create amazing and creative bulb flower holders by using these old light bulbs. It will not take much money or time. Within a day you can create dozens of light bulbs for DIY outdoor wedding decoration.

Wooden Direction Signs

DIY wooden direction signs

When your wedding function is outdoor and you have a big place, you can arrange different events in different directions. For example, at one place you can arrange a dance party, whereas at another location you can arrange the main ceremony and on some other location you can arrange a special place for photo sessions.

In such cases, you can make DIY wooden direction signs to guide your guests about which direction they should go to join an event. You need only a few wooden frames, nails and hammer to make this wooden direction signs. It will take only a couple of hours.

Lawn Games

lawn games kids

On weddings, usually, there are a lot of kids and adults. Mothers of kids feel it difficult to enjoy the wedding ceremony and different events because they have to take care of the kids as well.

Lawn games in an outdoor wedding function is a great way to keep the kids and adults busy playing games and enjoy their time. It will help the guest mothers and fathers as well and they can enjoy the wedding ceremony as their kids can play the lawn games. These lawn games will also be helpful for those who don’t want to take part in the dance party for any reasons.

You can arrange different types of lawn games depending on the space you have and the available resources. You can get ideas of lawn games from other articles on our website.

DIY Family Tree

decoracion boda madera 2019

Last, but not the least. If your backyard has a tree or a big tree stump, you can make a DIY family tree. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut the tree or something else like this. You just need to put the family picture frames on that tree. You can hang the photo frames that have the pictures of your grandparents and parents.

If there are other family members, you can also hang their pictures. Like you can hang the wedding photos of your sister or brother. You can also hang the family pictures of other special events like new year celebration or Christmas eve.

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