DIY White Roses

DIY Wedding Day

The Wedding is something exciting in life of every girl. If you want to be unique and your wedding unforgettable, look at the couple of ideas how to beautify the invitations, tables, interior or exterior of your beautiful Wedding Day. Let’s start with the invitations; you can decorate them with colorful sparkles or romantic and interesting notes. You can look like a real princess and put the crown or if you love natural look, you can make a headband using the natural flowers. As honored guests of your special day not to forget where is their seat, you can put next to their place image or name written on the butterfly, piece of wood or colorful pieces of paper. If you like romance, you can decorate the table with candles and huge bouquets of colourful flowers. If you decide for a wedding in your garden, from trees can dangle pictures of you and your beloved. The entire space can spill roses or whatever flowers you love. To surprise your guests even more, you can handsel them little gifts with candies, chocolates and love messages. Let your wedding be retold for years, make these ideas and everyone will be surprised and amazed.

DIY Sparcle Invitation

DIY Bright Candles

DIY Sparcling Invitations

DIY Green Welcome

DIY White Roses

DIY Table Decoration

DIY bouquets of colourful flowers

DIY Mr&Mrs

DIY Cookies with Photos

DIY Name on Butterfly

DIY Name on Plant

DIY Colourful bouquets

DIY Table decorating

DIY hanging protos


DIY Headband with flowers

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