DIY Blue Tire

Creative Old Tires Project

In modern ages cars are very widespread and useful object that allows people to quickly reach to the desired location and quickly perform their duties as well as people now live much faster.Tires are an integral part of the car, and after two years of using it you have to change the old one for the new one.But old tires are not entirely useless and wasteful, you don’t have to get rid of them and discard them. So don’t throw them to the garbage when they can have very interesting purpose in your house or department.

Before you start with the implementation of this project, you need to prepare recycled old tires, colorful paint, strong glue, fabrics and some other material that you will you to accomplish your creative ideas. When you prepare everything you may get to work.

You can make so many different products using tires, like tire chairs, coffee table of tires, children’s playground, pots for flowers or some other useful creation. These projects are very easy to apply in your home because they require very little effort and work.

To create table of tire, you need to cut legs with stand and stick on it the tire. Before you stick tire to the stand, you can colored it in some vivid colour to achieve modern look or you can decorate it with rope for rustic and naturalappearance. You can make different kind of chairs and tabourets with tires, paint it with colours and put the pillows in the center so that chairs provide you comfort. Make playground of one big tire, fill in with sand and decorate with sunshade or you can create perfect little place for your dog. There are a lot of things that you can make of tires and you will have much fun doing it.

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