DIY Bedroom Chest

DIY Pallet Rustic Storage Chest

Wood chest is form of furniture that many people use for storage.The first association of chest is on the pirates who used chest to place their goods and treasures, so they can bury them in secret hiding places. We all loved pirate and chest treasure stories when we were children and that desire to hide things remained, so we like to have one chest in our homes.

Chest purpose has changed, and today people use it to postpone clothes, children’s toys, old photographs or some other valuable things. DIY pallet rustic storage chest is perfect way to create something very useful and helpful wood object. Pallets are very inexpensive and you can find them in every store, or get them from neighbors and friends. For this project, except recycled wooden pallets, you will need a box with tools, nails and saw.

To create one of these rustic chests, first you need to make required shapes and sizes of wood planks. Then, when you find the right chest design, start to connect that plank one by one with a help of hammer and nails. When you finish with your creation, you can decorate it on different ways, paint it with bright colours or live the natural look.

These pallet storage chest can adorn your living room, bed room or kid’s room. You can make them to have more purposes than one, that they are not only places for storage, when at the same time wood chest can be used like table, shelf or chair. Begin you working action and create one rustic chest that no one else has remembered so far.

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