Crua Modus System is all in one Outdoor Camping Tent

Crua outdoors is an Ireland based company having its recognition in manufacturing best quality tents, hammock, modular systems and related other products. Crua Outdoors are going to introduce a new product, which is a multipurpose camping system great for all grounds, can be packed down into a single bag when you are going to wind up your trip.

All of the parts making up the Modus system can be packed into a bag that measures just 2.5 feet (75 cm) long and 8.6 inch (22 cm)  wide with a total packed weight of 3.85 kg (8.5 lb). This makes it perfect for car camping, backpacking, hiking and motorcycle touring as well.


The tent of Crua Modus keeps a set of air filled poles to make a shelter for one person which is built into a self-inflating, waterproof base and insulated mattress .It comprises combined pillow and a zipped quilt, furthermore a bug net can be attached directly with the mattress to keep the insects away.

In order to fight against some tough weather conditions a water proof, reflective flysheet can be laid over the top of the whole structure to keep its occupant warm and safe. This flysheet can be used with a set of poles to become a porch for the tent or can be used with standalone hammock.

In other way, the removable quilt can be used as a picnic blanket, with one of the sides comfortable and warm and the other water proof side. Meanwhile, the flysheet can be linked with others through waterproof Velcro strips along the corner, if the owner want to make a campground fort.

The initial steps to start the production of Modus are taken and the target is to touch the market in April 2020 with early pledges of US$199.


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