Dark center of a Melbourne Terraced House turned into Light-filled Home Heart

Since 2002, the Austin Maynard Architects team has worked on  outstanding projects. The firm is not well versed in  building type, but rather navigates work places, retail and residential areas . Getting  each project as a task, and working directly with clients and occupants, they have given thoughtful responses to make  individual possibilities .

They work directly with occupants to ensure they understand their requirement. It is through this collaborative approach that the quality in their work emerges.

The firm has been awarded a project to renovate an old house dubbed Newry house, located at Melbourne. The home comprises 1388 sq ft (129 sq m) area and renovated area is 1000 sq ft (93 sqm).Upper floor of the building was renovated in 1990, now to improve its sustainability and to fulfill inhabitant’s requirement some effort was compulsory.

“Apart from new carpets and joinery in all three bedrooms, the front and the back parts of the house remain largely untouched,” explains Austin Maynard Architects. “The ‘rotten’ middle section of the house was gutted, including the old timber floor, replaced by a thermally efficient, hydronically heated, concrete slab. A wall that once separated the kitchen from one of the smallest, darkest, bleakest dining rooms to ever exist, was also removed, opening up the kitchen/living dining space. The ceiling, and above it a leaky roof deck outside the main bedroom, was also demolished and a large pitched glass roof with sliding awnings installed.”

The ground floor comprises lounge area, kitchen/dining area a bedroom, a bathroom, laundry area and a home office. By providing a cover-able glass roof, the architect has filled the kitchen/dining room with daylight, though if shade is needed, the owner can use a remote control to close the sliding cover.

The architects has converted  a large kitchen into a smart kitchen & dining room. A desk near the dining table provides storage  and seating space which is attached to a elegant planter . Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located on first floor.

New doors and windows were installed during the renovation, as well as the hydronic heated concrete floor, solar panels on the roof were added and connected to an energy system.


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