14 Eye-Catching Garden Walkways DIY Ideas

As being used for practical reason, the garden path/walkways enhances the landscape and make the décor more beautiful. When it started, the pathway was only a means of garden make but latterly, it  became an important part of the landscape. Garden paths and walkways can add beauty and charm to your garden or lawn.  You can enjoy your outdoor space  and cleverly chosen design elements can make it more welcoming and functional.

Whether you are building from scratch or considering a pathway makeover, to help out my respectful readers I have gathered some ideas to make garden path/walkways .First we will learn process of making foundation below walkways which is necessary for its sustainability.

image via gardenlandscapeideas.org

Foundation of Walkways

Foundation for each type of walkway is almost same which is as under,

1-After removing veggies, grass and earth fix edging stone/bricks which supports the upper layers.

2-Fill 2″ thick layer of sand , compact it thoroughly at least two times and apply water.

3-Fill 3″ thick plain cement concrete and apply water on its top surface two times daily  (morning and evening ) for three day.Now foundation is ready to take upper layers.

image via pavementinteractive.org

1-DIY Stones Steps Walkways

After laying foundation you may fix raw step stones as per image shown below.

image via diynetwok.com

2-Flat Brickwork Walkways

This is very attractive, inexpensive and easy to do idea for your garden walkways.

image via kusmun.praysafeconsulting.com

3-Pebble filled Garden Walkways

When you fill foundation, provide cement sand mortar in (1:3)  ratio, fill pebbles as per image shown below. When mortar dried, clean top surface of pebbles and  apply curing  for 6 day for its strength.

image via gowritter.com

4-Crushed Stone Garden Walkways

Top surface of crushed stone is also very good looking  and cheap.

image via thegardenglove.com

5-Pebbles Contrasted with Concrete Slabs

Provide pebbles as per image shown below and cast concrete slabs on remaining place for an elegant walkway.

image via freshhideen.com

6-Flat Bricks Garden Walkways

This is an old, inexpensive and very good looking walkway idea.

image via homeartmania.com

7- Aged Wooden plus Pebbles filled Garden walkways

If you have enough wooden planks at your farm utilize aged wooden planks by making top surface of walkway and fill empty space with pebbles for a unique look.

image via nextluxury.com

8-Pre -cast  Paver Garden Walkways

Pre-cast pavers are in now a days to be used at walkways, parking area and even for commercial places also.

image via cstpavers.com

9- Raw Stone Step Garden Walkways

Provide your walk way an attractive top surface by using raw stone stepping with leveled upper side .

image via freedsgn.com

10-Wooden Beam Garden Walkways

Foundation of this walkway is made by mulch however wooden beams are used as top surface.


11-Irregular shaped Stones with Cement Sand grouting Garden Walkways

In this type, after laying foundation, irregular shaped and sized  are grouted with cement sand mortar which has created an awesome look.

image via pinterest.com

12-Crushed Stone plus Concrete Slabs Garden Walkways

On foundation surface, cement concrete slabs are casted at site  and remaining space have been filled nicely by crushed stone.

image via boredart.com

13-Brick on Edge Garden Walkways

After laying 2″ thick cushion of sand, you may construct brick on edge walk way which is inexpensive,sustainable and good looking.

14-Regular shaped stone steps

Equal sized stones are used in this  type as steps and they are creating amazing look.

image via pintrest.com

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