Bedroom Cleaning

A Handy Checklist To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

If you want to have peace of mind after a hectic day, you have to spend your time in your bedroom. In your beautiful bedroom, you can take some rest and can watch your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix.

But, in case you have a messy bedroom, you can’t spend quality time there. A messy bedroom will increase your blood pressure, it can cause anxiety and stress. It will also have many distractions in your sleep.

This step-by-step deep clean guide will help you to clean your bedroom in just an hour. Then you can have a good sleep in your neat and tidy bedroom. You can also enjoy your time with your family in a clean bedroom.

So, without wasting any time, here we go with the step by step guide to clean your bedroom:

Throw Away Trash

Had snacks just before you sleep while watching your favorite TV show? Then look around the bed you must have some empty wrappers of or tin cans and might be some packing as well.

First of all, you need to remove this type of trash from your bedroom. You may also find some tissues, clothing tags that you removed or you can find some food leftovers as well. This type of trash is easy to remove from the bedroom. So, you need to throw away trash out of your bedroom.

If you don’t have a wastebasket around your bed, we recommend having one so that daily cleaning becomes easier.

Pick Up Dirty Clothes

If you have a habit to put your dirty clothes on the bed before you go to sleep, or on the chair, you need to pick up those dirty clothes. Also, check the floor for any clothes or inner-wear there. Pick up these clothes and put them in the laundry or in a separate portion of your closet.

If you can have an open bin to put your dirty clothes when in a rush, that would be great.

Change Old Bedsheets

Don’t use the same bedsheet for more than a week. It is enough to use the same sheet for 7 days. If you don’t do that, it can have germs and debris which is not good for your health.

So, if your bedsheet is on the bed for more than 7 days, just remove that and have a new sheet on the bed. It will not only improves your health but give your bedroom a new look every week.

Look for Bedbugs

Having bugs in the room is very disturbing. If you have bugs on your bed, it is the worst situation for you. Bugs are not good for the health, they can be sometimes very dangerous and can cause diseases.

Bed bugs are also not good for healthy sleep and when you don’t have a good sleep, it means your next day will be less productive.

So, if you have experience with Bed bugs treatment, then use your experience and clean your bed by careful inspection of the bed and mattress. If you are not good at bed bugs treatment, then look for the professional on this website here.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a carpet in your bedroom then use a good quality carpet cleaner that can remove the dirt, debris, and pet hairs. Use different accessories of the vacuum to reach difficult places in your bedroom.

If you don’t have a carpet in the bedroom, then you can clean the tile floor by using a mop and warm cleaning solution.

Empty Dust Bin

Now, it is almost done. You have removed the trash, picked up the dirty clothes, have done the bedbugs treatment, and changed the luxury bedsheet as well. After vacuuming the bedroom, you need to empty your dustbin.

It is good to have an extra trash bag in the dustbin so that when it is full, you can simply get the trash bag and put that in the trash can outside your home.

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