10 Simple Hacks to Elevate your Bedroom to Luxurious Levels

Are you always itching to leave your house and book a vacation at a fancy hotel? Why not bring the feel of a luxurious hotel straight into your home. You will get the whole relaxing experience of a hotel minus the hefty costs associated with a vacation spot.

With a few expert tweaks and simple décor investments, you can transform your bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary that you will always be happy to retreat to after a long day. Here are some simple hacks to get the bedroom of your dreams:

Style your pillows

One of the simplest that will give you maximum results with minimum effort is styling your pillows. Start by layering accent pillows on your bed to make it look well thought out. Place the practical pillows you use at night propped against the bedhead and follow with those decorative pillows.  The color and texture can be the icing on the cake.

Choose decorative pillows in a bold color to bring together the overall color scheme of the room. The pillows also serve as a great focal point of a room. Stuff them to make your room look high-end. Don’t be shy, have several pillows on the bed but do not go too crazy.

Upgrade your light fixtures

Replacing your basic lampshade with a more interesting one will instantly give your bedroom a luxe look. Not only is it an affordable way to give your room a facelift, but it also has a significant impact on the lighting of your bedroom. Opt for a lampshade in a bold color to give your room a fresh look.

Remove or at least style the clutter

One of the biggest nemeses to a relaxing space is clutter. Clutter makes you anxious and makes it hard to fall asleep. However, keeping the bedroom free from all sorts of stuff can seem like a mountain of a task. The best way to go about the items in your bedroom is to first differentiate between allowable and bad clutter.

Organize the piles of books and magazines on a shelf to make it more manageable. Bad clutter is the books and clothes all over the floor. Find stylish storage solutions for all the stuff that you do not want to get rid of yet. Take advantage of hidden storage like the space under the bed where you can put some storage bins. Tucking away the clutter in stylish baskets is a genius way of styling the clutter.

Style the nightstand

Most people tend to turn their nightstands into junk drawers on display. That is an easy way to make a room look messy. For the nightstand, less is more. Avoid stuffing them with unnecessary items in the name of decoration. A few pieces in line with the theme and color scheme of the room should be enough. Remove empty drinking glasses and hand creams off the surface of the nightstand. You could consider adding cute but minimal pieces like a plant.

Get new drapes

Another simple way to freshen up your bedroom is by giving your drapes a revamp. Start by getting drapery rods that fit your windows perfectly. Poorly fitting rods cheapen the look of a room instantly.

Be a little fancy and install a roller blackout shade. If you have a tiny bedroom, you could give the illusion of higher ceilings by raising the curtain rods to a few inches below the ceiling line. That seemingly simple change will make your bedroom feel loftier and more elegant.

Dress your bed

The one thing that makes luxury hotel rooms feel extremely inviting is the perfectly made beds. Do not underestimate the significance of dressing your bed. Make your bed every single day. Go for two sheets and fold the edge of one of them over your duvet to get that polished look.

That simple practice will make your room feel more put together. Get a top-quality mattress to elevate comfort and the looks in your room. You could go the extra step and invest in new bedding in colors that make your room look classy, like grey, taupe, or white.

If you are running on a tight budget, and cannot afford new bedding, an affordable throw blanket will do the trick. Get a beautiful chunky knit throw blanket and place it across the foot of the bed. That will be a welcome distraction from your old duvet.

Change up your hardware

Hardware is like jewelry for your room. You know how a good pair of statement necklaces add oomph to a bland outfit. A new set of hardware will perk up your bedroom. Get a new set of knobs or pulls on to breathe some new life to a boring dresser or nightstand. Switch up the standard hardware for something easy on the eyes to refresh the room. Some crystal knobs will for sure add the needed touch of luxury to your space.

Add a little texture

Adding some texture to your bedroom will make it feel layered and visually rich. Get a sheepskin rug to put on the floor of the bed for a cozier feel. You could consider having a faux fur throw pillow on the side chair to add more layers to the space.

Add wicker baskets or shop for a woven light fixture if your design aesthetic leans towards the boho-luxe look. You could also get a throw blanket with tassels for the extra texture. These elements will undoubtedly make your space more elegant and inviting.

Upgrade your light fixture

Replace your light fixture with more exciting ones. Get a dramatic chandelier that will give your room an instant facelift.

Dress up your plain mirror

Mirrors are great for opening up a room. They give the illusion of more space. You can make your mirror serve more than one purpose. Get a mirror that makes a statement too. Search online for a mirror with more character, like an antique brass mirror or a cute round one. Visit your local thrift store. You may be lucky and find a perfect second-hand one for a fraction of the price you would pay to get it new.

Wrap up

The tips we have discussed will instantly transform your bedroom from drab to fab. Try a few of the ideas to elevate your room to luxurious levels. You can get that 5-star hotel feeling at home!

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