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What is the difference between a fishing pole and a fishing rod?

I have found many people on the internet asking about the differences about the Fishing rod and fishing pole. I also used to ask the same question a couple of years ago. Like any other matter, there are different views on this topic as well. According to some people and fishermen, there is no difference between a fishing rod and a fishing pole. They believe that technically there is no difference, a fishing rod and a pole is the same thing. They said that it is only the difference of culture, in some cultures people use to call a fishing pole, while in other cultures, the term “fishing rod” is used.

I got an answer in my childhood and I am not sure that whether it was the correct answer or not, but I would like to share that with you. I was told that a fishing pole is an equipment which is longer in size and it has a line attached to the tip of the pole directly and moreover, there is no line guides or reel. Whereas the term fishing rod refers to the equipment which is short in size and it has line guides and reel with it.

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Now, there is another view as well about the difference between a fishing pole and fishing rod. I have found few people as well who are very sensitive towards these two words. And fly fisherman may get angry if you call their fishing rod a “fishing pole.

When I ask the people belongs to this last category, they told me a difference in the material of a fishing pole and fishing rod. They strongly believe that you should know the difference between both. According to their definition, a fishing pole is made up of natural materials. This material might be cane, bamboo or reed. Whereas a fishing rod is made of conventional composite and unnatural material. It could be made from graphite, boron, fiberglass or kevlar. It could be also possible that it is made from the combination of these composite materials.

If you are looking for more information you can read about baitcasting rod as well. And don’t forget to tell me if you agree with any difference mentioned above between a fishing rod and fishing pole. Or if you have any other point of view, don’t hesitate to share with us using the comment form below.

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